1964 Melbourne Twins Roster

Cocoa Rookie League (CRL) - Class: R
Team Record: 34-18
Finished 1st in the CRL
Manager: Fred Waters (34-18)
Affiliation: Minnesota Twins
Location: Melbourne, Florida

1964 Melbourne Twins Statistics

The Melbourne Twins of the Cocoa Rookie League ended the 1964 season with a record of 34 wins and 18 losses, finishing first in the CRL.

The Twins led the circuit with 217 runs. Melbourne yielded 145 runs, fewest in the league. Jerry Lyscio topped the team with 7 wins, while John French recorded a 1.06 ERA, leading qualifying pitchers.

Danny Morris and Rod Carew both played in Major League Baseball during their careers.

Fred Waters served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Ronald AlfiereRR6'2"190
Andrew AljancicRR6'2"185
James BachusLR5'9"175
James BlackledgeRR6'1"170
Creighton BurnsRRSeptember 20, 19426'4"20
Gary CafegoRROctober 31, 19446'2"200
Douglas CappelenRR6'0"180
Rod CarewLROctober 1, 19456'0"170Gatun, Canal Zone PA
Gary CortopassiRRDecember 18, 19465'10"178
James DeWaalLL6'0"195
Terrence DooleyRR6'1"195
Alan DruskinLL5'11"170
David ErbeLLMarch 14, 19456'0"185
Daryl FarnsworthSRAugust 25, 19456'6"205
Steven FreeRRNovember 21, 19436'1"185Salem, IL US
John FrenchLLDecember 28, 19455'11"170
David HarveyRRMay 2, 19425'11"170
Gary HassettRR6'2"180
Eddie HillLROctober 28, 19456'4"185
Gerald HudecLLDecember 24, 19415'10"170East Cleveland, OH US
Robert InglemonLLJuly 14, 19466'0"185
Nathaniel KingLRSeptember 29, 19466'2"200
Jerry LyscioRRMay 17, 19456'0"180
Gene MeltonRRApril 19, 19426'2"180
Danny MorrisRRJune 11, 19466'1"200Greenville, KY US
James NelsonRR6'0"170
Robert PriceRR6'2"195
Gene SidesRROctober 26, 19446'1"170Charlotte, NC US
Terry WestRR6'2"175
Brian WilhelmRR6'3"185

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