1903 New Haven Blues Roster

Connecticut State League (CSL) - Class: B
Team Record: 50-55
Finished 6th in the CSL
Manager: Jim Canavan (50-55)
Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Ballpark: Howard Avenue Grounds

1903 New Haven Blues Statistics

The New Haven Blues of the Connecticut State League ended the 1903 season with a record of 50 wins and 55 losses, finishing sixth in the CSL.

Jim Canavan served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Walter AhearnROctober 19, 1883
George BannonRJune 29, 1879Saugus, ME US
George BoneSRAugust 28, 18745'7"152New Haven, CT US
Jim CanavanRRNovember 26, 18665'8"160New Bedford, MA US
Bill Clements
Jerry Connell
Dan Cook
Jimmy Doran
Billy FischmanMarch 8, 1881
Billy FitzmauriceMarch 12, 1872Marlborough, MA US
John GoldenJune 15, 1878, PA US
Bob HallRDecember 20, 18785'10"158Baltimore, MD US
Larry HannafinAugust 14, 1879Sandisfield, MA US
William HaywardMarch 15, 1873
Sam HopeRRDecember 4, 18785'10"Brooklyn, NY US
Harry Jope
Frank KaneLDecember 21, 1881Gardiner, ME US
George LauderL
David Leahy
Yale MurphyLROctober 11, 18695'3"125Southborough, MA US
Cy PerkinsRRAugust 21, 1882Sanford, ME US
Jonathan Trumbull
Tom TuckeyLOctober 7, 18845'11"190Union City, CT US
Bert WeedenLRDecember 21, 18826'0"200Northwood, NH US

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