1897 New Bedford Whalers Roster

New England League (NEL) - Class: B
Team Record: 38-67
Finished 6th in the NEL
Manager: Con Murphy (0-0), Mike McDermott (0-0)
Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts
Ballpark: Olympic Field

1897 New Bedford Whalers Statistics

The New Bedford Whalers of the New England League ended the 1897 season with a record of 38 wins and 67 losses, finishing sixth in the NEL.

Con Murphy and Mike McDermott served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Pete AndersonL5'10"169Oswego, NY US
Mike BirminghamOctober 28, 1865Janesville Rock, WI US
John BloomingstonApril 28, 1874
W. K. Carson
Jim CollopyAugust 15, 1869Troy, NY US
John Counihan
Ira DavisRJuly 8, 1870162Philadelphia, PA US
Bill DayRJuly 28, 18675'8"150Marcus Hook, PA US
Ben EllisJuly 0, 18705'10"166New York, NY US
Jack Finn
Billy FitzmauriceMarch 12, 1872Marlborough, MA US
Frank Fitzpatrick
Thomas Flanagan170
Ed GlennRROctober 0, 1875Cincinnati, OH US
William Hall
Bill HeineJanuary 15, 1868Elmira, NY US
Tom HernonRRNovember 4, 18665'7"156East Bridgewater, MA US
Guy Johnson
Jim LongNovember 15, 18625'10"160Louisville, KY US
Michael McDermottRMay 6, 18645'10"152Fall River, MA US
Tom McDermott
John McPhersonRMarch 9, 1869Easton, PA US
Connie MurphyLRNovember 1, 18705'8"155Northfield, MA US
Elmer RousseyMarch 0, 1862
Arthur Ryan
Doc SechristRRFebruary 10, 18765'9"160Williamstown, KY US
Frank SextonJuly 8, 1872160Brockton, MA US
Charles SholtaGrand Rapids, MI US
Adam Stanhope5'10"190, NJ US
Gene SteereAugust 16, 1872South Scituate, RI US
Ed Tierney
Jack TigheMay 15, 1870Scranton, PA US
William Tyner
Philip ViauL
Jack WileyRRDecember 15, 18726'1"195

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