1906 New Bedford Whalers Roster

New England League (NEL) - Class: B
Team Record: 63-54
4th in the NEL
Manager: Jim Canavan (63-54)
Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts
Ballpark: Sargent Field

1906 New Bedford Whalers Statistics

The New Bedford Whalers of the New England League ended the 1906 season with a record of 63 wins and 54 losses, fourth in the NEL. Jim Canavan served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bill Austin
William Kavanaugh
John Kehoe
Fred KlobedanzLLJune 13, 18715'11"190Waterbury, CT US
Ed McDonaldRROctober 28, 18866'0"180Albany, NY US
Frank MorrisseyRMay 3, 18765'4"140Baltimore, MD US
Ed MullaneyApril 2, 1881Portland, ME US
Martin O'GaraMay 30, 1883Cheshire, MA US
Josh Robinson
Hugh Shannon
James Sullivan
Oscar Tinkham
Richard HowardSeptember 0, 1885
Paddy GreeneRRMarch 20, 18755'8"150Providence, RI US
Silver BraunSeptember 0, 1873, PA US
Joseph Brown
Buster BurrellRRDecember 22, 18665'10"165Weymouth, MA US
Jack Campbell
Jim CanavanRRNovember 26, 18665'8"160New Bedford, MA US
Charles ClancyDecember 13, 1878Westerly, RI US
Henry CoffinDecember 22, 1886Everett, MA US
Jack CoveneyRRJune 10, 18805'9"175South Natick, MA US
Bobby DrewFebruary 0, 1872
James DrohanLJuly 0, 1877Fall River, MA US
Mylon ElliottJanuary 16, 1885Athens, ME US
Danny FriendLLApril 18, 18735'9"175Cincinnati, OH US
Fred ValdoisApril 11, 1875Cincinnati, OH US

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