1985 Osceola Astros Roster

Florida State League (FSL) - Class: A
Team Record: 77-58
Finished 1st in the FSL's Central Division
Manager: Dave Cripe (77-58)
Affiliation: Houston Astros
Location: Kissimmee, Florida
Ballpark: Osceola County Stadium
Attendance: 38,082, Avg. 564
1985 Osceola Astros Statistics

Playoffs - Fort Lauderdale Yankees 2 games, Osceola Astros 1

The Osceola Astros of the Florida State League ended the 1985 season with a record of 77 wins and 58 losses, finishing first in the league's Central Division.

The Astros scored 625 runs and yielded 536 runs. Ken Caminiti drove in 73 runs and topped all regular hitters by hitting .284. Rob Mallicoat led the team with 16 wins and a team-best 1.36 ERA, tops among qualifying pitchers.

Players from the 1985 Osceola Astros who spent time in Major League Baseball during their careers included Gerald Young, Ken Caminiti, Rob Mallicoat and Troy Afenir.

Dave Cripe served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Troy AfenirRRSeptember 21, 19636'4"185Escondido, CA US
Karl AllaireLRJuly 21, 19636'0"170Woonsocket, RI US
Mark BakerRRJuly 8, 19645'8"182Elvine, MO US
Curtis BurkeRRMarch 27, 19606'0"188Columbia, SC US
Ken CaminitiSRApril 21, 19636'0"200Hanford, CA US
Earl CashRRDecember 11, 19626'3"210
Mike CerefinLRMarch 29, 19626'7"225Pittsfield, MA US
Tim ColeLLMay 1, 19596'0"185Kingston, NY US
Juan DelgadoRRJanuary 20, 19635'11"165Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Greg DubeRRMay 11, 19636'5"194Portland, OR US
Dave DyrekLLAugust 8, 19606'0"180
Mike FriederichSRFebruary 26, 19656'5"225Winfield, IL US
Anthony HamptonLLJune 6, 19646'0"163Santa Monica, CA US
O. B. HartmanRRAugust 5, 19636'3"195Columbus, OH US
Scott HoupRRMay 3, 19626'2"180
Ryan JobRRMay 24, 19636'1"174Salt Lake City, UT US
Anthony KelleyRRMarch 4, 19626'2"205Chicago, IL US
Clarke LangeRRJanuary 21, 19636'0"190Oamha, NE US
Arbrey LucasRRFebruary 9, 19606'3"187las Vegas, NV US
Rob MallicoatLLNovember 16, 19646'3"180St. Helens, OR US
Mark ManghamRRNovember 27, 19626'3"185Shreveport, LA US
Chuck MathewsRROctober 27, 19616'4"213Weatherford, TX US
Tommy MitchellRRJuly 26, 19626'1"200San Diego, CA US
Jim O'DellLLSeptember 7, 19606'2"200Shelton, WA US
Rob ParkerLRSeptember 5, 19625'10"170
Mark ReynoldsLRJanuary 8, 19626'1"190Wichita, KS US
Doug ShaabLLJuly 6, 19606'1"200Lancaster, PA US
Glenn SherlockLRSeptember 26, 19606'0"185Nahant, MA US
Doug SnyderLRSeptember 20, 19636'1"175Walnut Creek, CA US
Mike StellernRRJuly 8, 19606'2"190
Gerald YoungSROctober 22, 19646'2"185Tele, HN

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