1901 Oakland Commuters Roster

California League (CL) - Independent
Team Record: 63-95
4th in the CL
Manager: J. C. Ewing (63-95)
Location: Oakland, California
Ballpark: Freeman's Park

1901 Oakland Commuters Statistics

The Oakland Commuters of the California League ended the 1901 season with a record of 63 wins and 95 losses, fourth in the CL.

J. C. Ewing served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
George HodsonRRJune 0, 18685'7"150, PA US
Louis Johnson
Youngy JohnsonRJuly 22, 1873San Francisco, CA US
Pete LohmanRROctober 21, 18645'10"180Washington County, MN US
Kid MohlerLLDecember 13, 18705'4"145Oneida, IL US
Edward Moore
Doc MoskimanRRDecember 20, 18786'0"170Oakland, CA US
Judge NagleRRMarch 10, 18806'0"176Santa Rosa, CA US
Cy RussellSan Francisco, CA US
Henry SchmidtRRJune 26, 18735'11"170Brownsville, TX US
Julie StreibDecember 11, 1873San Francisco, CA US
Charlie SwindellsRROctober 26, 18785'11"180Rockford, IL US
Eddie HickeyAugust 18, 1872Cleveland, OH US
Percy HeldOctober 2, 1878, CA US
George Hanson
Abe ArellanesJanuary 18, 1874, CA US
George BabbittSeptember 17, 18745'7"Oakland, CA US
George BorchersSRApril 18, 18695'10"180Sacramento, CA US
Ike ButlerRAugust 22, 18736'0"175Langston, MI US
George CrollRROctober 2, 1879San Francisco, CA US
George DeckerLLJune 1, 18666'1"180York, PA US
Jack DrennanRSeptember 0, 1873
Bill DunleavyRNovember 22, 1876Millbrae, CA US
Truck EaganRRAugust 10, 18775'11"190San Francisco, CA US
James Fagan
Buck FrancksRRNovember 2, 18775'10"Los Angeles, CA US
Charles Hamilton
Frank Waterbury

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