1907 Oakland Commuters Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: A
Team Record: 97-101
3rd in the PCL
Manager: Walt McMemony (9-28), George Van Haltren (97-101)
Location: Oakland, California
Ballpark: Freeman's Park, Dover Street Park

1907 Oakland Commuters Statistics

The Oakland Commuters of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1907 season with a record of 97 wins and 101 losses, third in the PCL.

George Van Haltren served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Frank AgurRAugust 7, 18895'9"180East Toledo, OH US
Willie HoganRRSeptember 14, 18845'10"175North San Juan, CA US
Johnny Hopkins
A. C. Jenkins
Red RandolphRAlameda, CA US
Ray ReedApril 0, 1879, OR US
Bill ReidyRROctober 9, 18735'10"175Cleveland, OH US
Jimmy SmithLLSeptember 26, 18815'11", CA US
Fred StrippRJune 16, 1880Raleigh, ON CA
Jim SullivanMarch 31, 18745'11"175San Francisco, CA US
George Van HaltrenLLMarch 30, 18665'11"170St. Louis, MO US
Dave WhiteR
Heinie HeitmullerRRMay 25, 18836'2"215San Francisco, CA US
Rube HaleyApril 11, 1882San Francisco, CA US
John BasseyMarch 4, 1884, IL US
George BigbieROctober 27, 1875Richmond, VA US
Jack BlissRRJanuary 9, 18825'9"185Vancouver, WA US
Jim ByrnesRRJanuary 5, 18805'9"150San Francisco, CA US
C. C. Carnes
Eli CatesRRJanuary 26, 18775'9"175Greens Fork, IN US
Walter DashwoodRR5'10"Fresno, CA US
William DevereauxSRAugust 31, 18715'10"Oakland, CA US
Truck EaganRRAugust 10, 18775'11"190San Francisco, CA US
George FoleySanta Clara, CA US
Harry GoodwinSeptember 3, 1881Quincy, CA US
Tom HackettRJuly 0, 1881
Lucky WrightRRFebruary 21, 18806'0"178Waterville, OH US

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