1954 Olean Giants Roster

Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League (PONYL) - Class: D
Team Record: 46-80
7th in the PONYL
Manager: Austin Knickerbocker (0-0), Chick Genovese (0-0)
Affiliation: New York Giants
Location: Olean, New York
Ballpark: Bradner Stadium
Attendance: 19,203, Avg. 305
1954 Olean Giants Statistics

The Olean Giants of the Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League ended the 1954 season with a record of 46 wins and 80 losses, seventh in the PONYL.

The Giants scored 682 runs and gave up 939 runs, most in the circuit. Stanley Anderson paced all regular hitters with a .304 average. topped Olean with 9 wins and a team-best 5.56 ERA, best among pitchers with enough qualifying appearances.

Members of the 1954 Olean Giants who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Andre Rodgers, Joe Shipley and Austin Knickerbocker.

Austin Knickerbocker and Chick Genovese served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Charles PearsonL6'3"200
Edward OpichR6'0"170
John MironRR6'0"170
Joseph Merlo
Sylvio MastroianniRR5'10"165
Bob ManningRRNovember 16, 19315'9"170Peoria, IL US
Roger MacTavishR5'9"148
John LytleRR5'10"165
Andrew LovitoRR6'2"180
Joseph PetrielloRR6'1"170
Frank Picone
Donald Summerhalter
Robert StrunakL6'0"190
Gene SoderstenL6'3"205
Darwin SnyderLR6'3"190
Donald SniderRR6'1"160
John Skarzynski
Joe ShipleyRRMay 9, 19356'4"210Morristown, TN US
Frank RoganRR5'11"190
Andre RodgersRRDecember 2, 19346'3"200Nassau, BS
Jerry Lindley
Robert LeskoL6'1"170
Roger Collins
Charles Cardosi
Robert CaldwellRR6'1"170
Joseph BurkeRL6'3"195
Paul BlatchfordLRMay 1, 19346'0"180
David BirdsallJuly 14, 1930New York City, NY US
Gilbert BassettiRRAugust 22, 19346'2"195
Stanley AndersonLNovember 29, 19295'11"175
Jack AndersonLRNovember 3, 19306'3"190Indianapolis, IN US
Marion CowdellLL6'1"165
Vic DavisRRJanuary 26, 19366'0"160
William LefeverR5'10"160
Austin KnickerbockerRROctober 15, 19185'11"185Bangall, NY US
Fred KitchenR6'0"190
Frank Incontrera
Bernard HillRR5'11"175
Ron GallRRMarch 6, 19325'10"170Bronx, NY US
Norman FaulconerRR5'11"180
Emile Evans
Gordon DymentRR6'3"195
Kenneth AndersenRLOctober 2, 19356'2"185

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