1984 Peoria Chiefs Roster

Midwest League (MWL) - Class: A
Team Record: 66-73
2nd in the MWL's South Division
Manager: Joe Maddon (66-73)
Affiliation: California Angels
Location: Peoria, Illinois
Ballpark: Pete Vonachen Stadium
Attendance: 116,473, Avg. 1,676
1984 Peoria Chiefs Statistics

The Peoria Chiefs of the Midwest League ended the 1984 season with a record of 66 wins and 73 losses, second in the league's South Division. The team scored 598 runs, while allowing 622 runs. Joe Maddon served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bert AdamsRRSeptember 17, 19646'3"192Beaumont, TX US
Tom AlfredsonRRNovember 13, 19656'0"175Freeport, BS
Kent AndersonRRAugust 12, 19636'1"180Florence, SC US
Doug BanningRRMay 3, 19616'1"190Englewood, CO US
Pete BeallRRJanuary 20, 19626'2"190
Bobby BuchanonLRJuly 6, 19615'11"185Jackson, MS US
Scott CannonRFebruary 8, 19626'5"205Fort Walton Beach, FL US
Richie CarterRRNovember 4, 19616'3"195Hood River Valley, OR US
Ray ChadwickSRNovember 17, 19626'2"180Durham, NC US
Paul CozzolinoRSeptember 17, 19615'11"190
Doug DavisRRSeptember 24, 19626'0"180Bloomsburg, PA US
Ed DelzerLSeptember 20, 19615'7"133
Alek DiazRRJanuary 11, 19626'2"La Habana, La Habana CU
Mark DoranRRNovember 2, 19626'3"220Hinsdale, IL US
Ben GalloLNovember 16, 19585'10"160
Jim GonzalesRRApril 22, 19636'2"187Tucson, AZ US
Kenny GrantRRJanuary 9, 19655'10"175Varnsville, SC US
Terry JonesLLMay 8, 19636'2"200
Byron KemmerlingRApril 7, 19626'4"195Texas City, TX US
Darrell KempLRSeptember 22, 19626'2"195Niagara Falls, ON CA
Kris KlineRRAugust 23, 19616'4"185Oak Harbor, WA US
Kirk KnowlesRROctober 24, 19616'7"255Monroe, LA US
Jay LewisRRSeptember 9, 19636'0"180Tulsa, OK US
Steve LusbyRRApril 1, 19606'4"175
Bill MerrifieldRRMay 7, 19626'4"200Waukegan, IL US
Brian MiglioreRMarch 1, 19626'0"178New Orleans, LA US
Jorge OjedaRRApril 30, 19635'10"180Santurce, PR
Jose PrunedaRROctober 20, 19606'2"185Frontera Coaquila, MX
Spiro PsaltisLSeptember 17, 19606'3"195
Marty ReedLJuly 22, 19616'4"215
Mickey SaatzerRDecember 22, 19606'3"210Breckenridge, ND US
Americo SeguraSRDecember 11, 19646'0"172San Cristobal, San Cristobal DO
Greg SilliventSLOctober 2, 19626'3"200San Antonio, TX US
Charles SmithLJanuary 22, 19626'1"190Fort Worth, TX US
Don StanfieldRJanuary 17, 19656'3"175Covina, CA US
Greg SteenRRJuly 25, 19615'10"170Yuma, AZ US
Dennis TiefenthalerRRMay 17, 19626'0"185Wagner, SD US
Jim TinkeyRAugust 4, 19616'1"180Youngstown, OH US
Ty Van BurkleoLLOctober 7, 19636'5"230Oakland, CA US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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