1955 Pueblo Dodgers Roster

Western League (WL) - Class: A
Team Record: 79-71
2nd in the WL
Manager: Goldie Holt (79-71)
Affiliation: Brooklyn Dodgers
Location: Pueblo, Colorado
Ballpark: Runyon Field
Attendance: 73,941, Avg. 986
1955 Pueblo Dodgers Statistics

Playoffs - Wichita Indians 3 games, Pueblo Dodgers 2

The Pueblo Dodgers of the Western League ended the 1955 season with a record of 79 wins and 71 losses, second in the WL.

The Dodgers scored 752 runs and yielded 716 runs.

Players from the 1955 Pueblo Dodgers who spent time in the Majors during their careers included John Roseboro, John Glenn, Gabe Gabler, Don Demeter and Ray Daviault.

Goldie Holt served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Roger WrightRR6'1"175
Clyde McNealRRDecember 15, 19286'0"185San Antonio, TX US
Glenn McMinnRRMarch 11, 19336'1"165Chillicothe, TX US
John McKinnonRRMarch 6, 19305'11"195Providence, RI US
Bobby LemmelRRJuly 25, 19325'9"175Albuquerque, NM US
Donald HuffmanRR5'8"169
Dick HanlonRRFebruary 9, 19335'10"175San Francisco, CA US
John GlennRRJuly 10, 19286'3"180Moultrie, GA US
Thomas FalterR5'10"160
Gabe GablerLRAugust 4, 19306'1"190St. Louis, MO US
Dean EhlersRJune 22, 19296'2"180
Willie DavisR5'11"170
Don DemeterRRJune 25, 19356'4"190Oklahoma City, OK US
Ray DaviaultRRMay 27, 19346'1"170Montreal, QC CA
John CeploRRMarch 20, 19325'10"170Montrose, NY US
George BarkerRRSeptember 25, 19306'1"195
James MertlikLLJuly 31, 19325'11"184
Clarence MooreRRJanuary 31, 19305'11"162, PA
Eddie MooreRRSeptember 21, 19296'1"195Fort Worth, TX US
Jerry WrightRRAugust 31, 19346'1"70Fort Smith, AR US
Kenneth WorleyRRJuly 11, 19305'10"180
Mike WitwickiRRFebruary 3, 19296'0"180Toronto, ON CA
Frank WhiteRRMay 18, 19316'3"190San Francisco, CA US
Ewing TurnerRJune 28, 19295'9"175
Fred StorckLLMarch 17, 19285'10"170
Todd SickelRFebruary 6, 19345'11"165Kansas City, MO US
John RoseboroLRMay 13, 19335'11"190Ashland, OH US
Mike RodriguezRRJanuary 12, 19326'0"194Weslaco, TX US
James PetersonRRFebruary 5, 19346'0"185Fort Worth, TX US
Robert ParkerRR5'10"175
Chuck PageRRMarch 28, 19365'11"175Hillsdale, OK US
Rich NealROctober 11, 19295'10"180Los Angeles, CA US
Don MustoRRMay 16, 19345'10"175Oakland, CA US
Ira MoxleyRR6'2"205
Pedro AlmenaresRRMay 19, 19336'2"185Manzanillo, Granma CU

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