1954 Phoenix Stars Roster

Arizona-Texas League (AAL) - Class: C
Team Record: 93-47
1st in the AAL
Manager: Jerry Gardner (93-47)
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Ballpark: Phoenix Municipal Stadium
Attendance: 114,450, Avg. 1,635
1954 Phoenix Stars Statistics

The Phoenix Stars of the Arizona-Texas League ended the 1954 season with a record of 93 wins and 47 losses, first in the AAL.

The Stars paced the circuit with 1248 runs. Phoenix surrendered 914 runs. Jerry Gardner served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Charlie BarnesRRAugust 6, 19346'3"200San Francisco, CA US
Don RoweLLApril 3, 19366'0"180Brawley, CA US
Richard SchroyerRRAugust 9, 19346'2"180San Rafael, CA US
Solon ShawLRMarch 30, 19346'2"173Furean, OK US
Earl SmithRRMarch 14, 19286'0"185Sunnyside, WA US
Richard SmithRRJune 26, 19306'1"180Upland, CA US
Jack SpenceRRFebruary 15, 19356'3"190San Francisco, CA US
Ray SwartsRApril 16, 19336'2"180Redding, CA US
Ken ToothmanLRApril 6, 19355'10"165Fort Dodge, IA US
Robert VruckRR6'0"165
Bob WadsworthSR6'1"180
Norman RousselotRRNovember 28, 19306'0"168
Leonard LindborgRRAugust 2, 19356'2"190Compton, CA US
Charles LehrmannRR6'0"170
Don CorellaLLApril 14, 19346'2"185San Luis Obispo, CA US
Daniel CoughlinR5'11"168
James DavisR5'7"152
Ernesto GarciaRRNovember 7, 19335'10"165Nogales, Sonora MX
Jerry GardnerRNovember 28, 19205'11"170Clifton, CO US
Julio GonzalezRRDecember 20, 19205'11"150Banes, CU
Howie GossRRNovember 1, 19346'4"204Wewoka, OK US
Jack HaleyRRMay 17, 19306'1"180Kansas City, MO US
Bill JacksonRRSeptember 3, 19346'3"195Pocatello, ID US
Robert KennedyRL6'7"190
Alan WilsonRR6'0"170

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