1883 Reading Actives Roster

Inter-State Association (ISA) - Independent
Team Record: 37-32
Finished 3rd in the ISA
Manager: Sam Field (0-0), Henry Boyle (0-0)
Location: Reading, Pennsylvania
Ballpark: Unknown
Attendance: 43,278, Avg. 1,254
1883 Reading Actives Statistics

The Reading Actives of the Inter-State Association ended the 1883 season with a record of 37 wins and 32 losses, finishing third in the ISA.

Sam Field and Henry Boyle served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Joe ArdnerRRFebruary 27, 18585'7"160Mount Vernon, OH US
Henry BoyleRRSeptember 20, 18606'1"165Philadelphia, PA US
Fred CarrollRRJuly 2, 18645'11"185Sacramento, CA US
John DeasleyJanuary 0, 1861Philadelphia, PA US
Pat FrielSJune 11, 18585'11"170Lewisburg, WV US
John Frye
Wilson Geary
Jim HalpinOctober 4, 1863, GB
Jack HollandAugust 25, 1859Reading, PA US
William HooverRRApril 12, 18636'1"178Philadelphia, PA US
Harry JacobyOctober 25, 1858Philadelphia, PA US
Joe KappelRApril 27, 18575'10"165Philadelphia, PA US
James Kelley
Doc LandisRAugust 16, 18545'11"172Philadelphia, PA US
Henry LarkinRRJanuary 12, 18605'10"175Reading, PA US
Tom LynchLRApril 3, 18605'10"170Bennington, VT US
Charlie ManloveRROctober 8, 18625'9"165Philadelphia, PA US
Richard Meaney
Henry Moore
Ed MorrisSLSeptember 29, 18625'7"165Brooklyn, NY US
Miah MurrayRRJanuary 1, 18655'11"170Boston, MA US
Thomas ReynoldsJune 29, 1855Allegany, NY US
William Rittenhouse
Phil TomneyRRJune 17, 18635'7"155Reading, PA US

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