2019 Rockland Boulders Roster

Canadian-American Association (CAA) - Independent
Team Record: 42-50
4th in the CAA's Can-Am Division
Manager: Kevin Baez (42-50)
Location: Pomona, New York
Ballpark: Providant Bank Park
Attendance: 123,999, Avg. 2,583 in 48 home dates
2019 Rockland Boulders Statistics

Playoffs - Sussex County Miners 3 games, Rockland Boulders 1

The Rockland Boulders of the Canadian-American Association ended the 2019 season with a record of 42 wins and 50 losses, fourth in the league's Can-Am Division.

The Boulders scored 420 runs and surrendered 453 runs.

Ezequiel Carrera played in Major League Baseball during his career, the only member of the Rockland Boulders to do so.

Kevin Baez served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Marcos AlmonteRRMarch 28, 19965'10"163Santiago, DO
Richie FecteauLRMarch 17, 19945'11"185Newbury, MA US
Collin FergusonLLFebruary 9, 19936'2"216Santa Cruz, CA US
Steve FigueroaRRJune 27, 19955'9"185
Alex FishbergRRAugust 18, 19945'11"200
Wagner GomezSRDecember 2, 19915'11"205Bani, Peravia DO
Robbie GordonRRJune 8, 19936'2"205St. Louis, MO US
Blake Grant-ParksRRJuly 15, 19936'1"190Yuba City, CA US
Chase HarrisRRJuly 28, 19916'0"195Boise, ID US
Geovany HenriquezSRMay 10, 19976'1"195
Adam EhrlichLRDecember 13, 19926'1"200North Hollywood, CA US
Joe DiBenedettoLLMay 25, 19955'9"160Staten Island, NY US
Edgar De La RosaRRNovember 12, 19906'8"235El Seibo, DO
Edilson AlvarezLRAugust 4, 19886'3"165Santiago, Santiago DO
Ryne BirkLRNovember 11, 19945'10"185Parkersburg, WV US
John BrontsemaRRDecember 13, 19946'2"187Santa Barbara, CA US
Luke BurtonRRNovember 19, 19965'8"180
J. D. BusfieldRRMay 5, 19956'7"230Los Angeles, CA US
Ezequiel CarreraLLJune 11, 19875'10"185Guiria, Sucre VE
Luis CedenoRRJuly 14, 19945'11"154Puerto La Cruz, Anzoategui VE
Cito CulverRRAugust 26, 19926'0"185Rochester, NY US
Matt DaceyLRMarch 31, 19946'3"210Teaneck, NJ US
Grant HeymanLRNovember 7, 19936'4"209Pittsford, NY US
Jordan HinshawRRMay 19, 19906'1"195
Mitch PiatnikSRSeptember 12, 19945'11"160Winter Haven, FL US
Tim PontoRRApril 22, 19936'7"205Pottstown, PA US
Fabian RomanRRNovember 22, 19916'0"200Jersey City, NJ US
Brett SchneiderRRJuly 17, 19946'1"195
Jon SchreierRLAugust 18, 19966'0"220
Katsuya SenooLRNovember 18, 19985'10"180
Tommy ShirleyLLNovember 11, 19886'5"220Oakland, PA US
Josh TurnerRRDecember 30, 19936'5"220
Justin ValdespinaRRMarch 20, 19956'0"200Garfield, NJ US
Steve PassatempoRRMay 3, 19965'11"205Medford, MA US
Matt ObersteRRAugust 9, 19916'2"200Fort Smith, AR US
James MulryRLFebruary 21, 19946'3"215
Landon HolifieldRRAugust 30, 19946'4"210Fort Worth, TX US
Zach JemiolaLRApril 6, 19946'3"200Temecula, CA US
Ari KaufmanLLSeptember 9, 19946'2"225Wyckoff, NJ US
Nick KennedyRRSeptember 1, 19886'2"170Houston, TX US
Reinaldo LopezRRApril 27, 19916'3"221Caracas, Distrito Federal VE
Craig MaddoxLRApril 10, 19855'11"205Locust Grove, GA US
Pasquale MazzoccoliSRMarch 28, 19926'5"200Katy, TX US
Angelo MoraSRFebruary 25, 19935'11"151Loma de Cabrera, Dajabon DO
Frankie MoscatielloRRMarch 27, 19965'9"180
Jake ZokanRLApril 27, 19916'1"200Columbia, SC US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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