1944 Racine Belles Roster

All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) - Class: Womens
Team Record: 53-64
Finished 5th in the AAGPBL
Manager: Johannes Gottselig (53-64)
Location: Racine, Wisconsin

1944 Racine Belles Statistics

The Racine Belles of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League ended the 1944 season with a record of 53 wins and 64 losses, finishing fifth in the AAGPBL.

Johannes Gottselig served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Jane BadiniRRJune 16, 1924Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Margaret BrownRRJune 9, 1921Racine, WI
Clara ChianoSeptember 19, 1921Dorchester, MA
Claire DonahoeLRMarch 29, 1921Melrose Park, IL
Edna DummerthRRJune 15, 1924St. Louis, MO
Julianna DusankoRRFebruary 22, 1922Regina, SK
Madeline EnglishRRFebruary 22, 1925Everett, MA
Josephine GillRRApril 9, 1923Milltown, NJ
Irene HicksonRRAugust 14, 1915Chattanooga, TN
Anna Mae HutchisonRRMay 1, 1925Louisville, KY
Marie KazmierczakRRFebruary 14, 1920South Milwaukee, WI
Edythe KeatingRRDecember 12, 1922Chicago, IL
Dorothy KluppingRRJanuary 1, 1918Maywood, IL
Sophie KurysRRMay 14, 1925Flint, MI
Ruby MartzMarch 18, 1918Regina, SK
Charlotte SmithChattanooga, TN
Dorothy WindRRChicago, IL
Joanne WinterRRJanuary 24, 1924Maywood, IL
Mary WishamLLFebruary 1, 1925Greenville, SC
Eleanor WolfRRDecember 5, 1923Chicago, IL

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