1892 Rochester Flour Cities Roster

Eastern League (EL) - Class: A
Team Record: 68-57
Finished 1st in the EL
Manager: Sam Wise (68-57)
Location: Rochester, New York
Ballpark: Culver Field

1892 Rochester Flour Cities Statistics

The Rochester Flour Cities of the Eastern League ended the 1892 season with a record of 68 wins and 57 losses, finishing first in the EL.

Sam Wise served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Billy AlvordRRAugust 10, 18635'10"187St. Louis, MO US
Al AtkinsonRRMarch 9, 18615'11"165Clinton, IL US
Herman BaderMarch 18, 1862, MO US
Harvey BlauveltDecember 0, 1867New York, NY US
Will CalihanRMay 0, 18685'8"150Oswego, NY US
Andy Costello
David Coughlin
Roscoe CoughlinRFebruary 23, 18655'10"160Walpole, MA US
William Darnbrough
John DolanRSeptember 12, 18675'10"170Newport, KY US
Martin DukeRR5'5"135Zanesville, OH US
Pete EaganTroy, NY US
Jay FaatzRROctober 24, 18596'4"196Weedsport, NY US
Bill FaganLLFebruary 15, 18655'11"165Troy, NY US
Dennis FitzgeraldMarch 0, 18655'10"160, GB
Ed FlanaganRSeptember 15, 18616'1"190Lowell, MA US
Herb GoodallRRAugust 10, 18665'9"180Mansfield, PA US
William HooverRRApril 12, 18636'1"178Philadelphia, PA US
Spud JohnsonLLDecember 0, 18565'9"175, CA
Chippy McGarrRRMay 10, 18635'9"168Worcester, MA US
John McGloneRRJanuary 5, 18615'10"165Brooklyn, NY US
Dave McKeoughRDecember 1, 18635'7"158Utica, NY US
Bill McNamara
Jim McTamanyRRJuly 4, 18635'8"190Philadelphia, PA US
George MeakimRRJuly 11, 18655'7"154Brooklyn, NY US
John MeisterMay 10, 18635'8"175Allentown, PA US
Harry MorelockNovember 9, 1869Philadelphia, PA US
George MyersRRNovember 13, 18605'8"170Buffalo, NY US
Jumbo SchoeneckRRMarch 3, 18626'2"223Chicago, IL US
John ShearonR, PA US
Joe SommerRRNovember 20, 18585'11"165Covington, KY US
Maurice Sullivan
Sleeper SullivanRR5'7"175, IE
Ed SwartwoodLRJanuary 12, 18595'11"198Rockford, IL US
Park SwartzelRRNovember 21, 18655'10"150Knightstown, IN US
George TownsendRRJune 4, 18675'7"180Hartsdale, NY US
Bill WatkinsRRMay 5, 18585'10"156Brantford, ON CA
Pete WeckbeckerAugust 30, 18645'7"150Butler, PA US
Bobby WheelockRRAugust 6, 18645'8"160Charlestown, MA US
Sam WiseLRAugust 18, 18575'10"170Akron, OH US

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