1981 Redwood Pioneers Roster

California League (CL) - Class: A
Team Record: 66-74
Finished 6th in the CL
Manager: Chris Cannizzaro (66-74)
Affiliation: California Angels
Location: Rohnert Park, California
Ballpark: Costco Rohnert Park
Attendance: 66,466, Avg. 950
1981 Redwood Pioneers Statistics

The Redwood Pioneers of the California League ended the 1981 season with a record of 66 wins and 74 losses, finishing sixth in the CL.

The Pioneers scored 655 runs and allowed 720 runs. Harry Francis paced Redwood with 12 home runs Ronald Hunt drove in 74 runs. Mark Sproesser and Ronald Hunt led all regular batters by hitting .290. Ron Romanick topped the team with 15 wins and a team-best 2.91 ERA, tops among qualifying pitchers.

Players from the 1981 Redwood Pioneers who spent time in Major League Baseball during their careers included Doug Rau, Curt Brown, Bill Travers and Ron Romanick.

Chris Cannizzaro served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Aldo BagiottiRR6'0"185
Kris BankowskiLLAugust 3, 19606'2"188Schnectady, NY US
Bob BastianRRFebruary 11, 19596'1"205Rochester, NY US
Robert BohnetRRJune 15, 19576'1"190
Bart BraunRRApril 14, 19566'2"174
Joe BrockRR6'3"195
Curt BrownRRJanuary 15, 19606'5"200Fort Lauderdale, FL US
Brian BuckleyRRApril 23, 19586'2"210Santa Monica, CA US
Dave BurroughsLJuly 15, 19606'4"215
Joel CrislerRRMarch 30, 19576'2"195
Steve EakesRRApril 26, 19596'1"190Sacramento, CA US
Harry FrancisRRMay 2, 19586'0"187Bryan, TX US
Matt GundelfingerRRAugust 24, 19596'3"205Kansas City, MO US
Brandt HumphryRRJuly 11, 19566'3"215
Ronald HuntRRApril 2, 19586'2"205
Marty HunterRRMay 5, 19616'2"170
Jay KibbeRRApril 12, 19586'3"195Alton, IL US
Tim KraussLRSeptember 9, 19575'10"165Long Beach, CA US
Leo LemonRR6'0"175
Steve LiddleRRMarch 4, 19596'4"205Nashville, TN US
Tim PaintonLLMay 7, 19586'1"190
Doug RauLLDecember 15, 19486'2"175Columbus, TX US
Thomas RoenLAugust 23, 19586'3"180
Ron RomanickRRNovember 6, 19606'4"195Burley, ID US
Al RomeroRRApril 19, 19596'0"200Long Beach, CA US
Duffy RyanRROctober 20, 19596'1"185
Mickey SaatzerRDecember 22, 19606'3"210Breckenridge, ND US
Wade SchexnayderRR6'1"190
Thomas SchneiderRMay 6, 19586'1"175
Jeffrey SmithRAugust 17, 19596'3"180
Mark SproesserRRNovember 22, 19595'10"170
Ronald SylviaRRJuly 20, 19596'5"205San Francisco, CA US
Kenneth TillmanRR6'2"185
Bill TraversLLOctober 27, 19526'4"187Norwood, MA US
Michael VeneziaROctober 17, 19586'3"215
Luis ZambranaRRFebruary 18, 19616'1"190Carolina, PR

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