1986 Reno Padres Roster

California League (CL) - Class: A
Team Record: 73-69
Finished 3rd in the CL's North Division
Manager: Jim Skaalen (73-69)
Affiliation: San Diego Padres
Location: Reno, Nevada
Ballpark: Moana Stadium (Field)
Attendance: 81,397, Avg. 1,146
1986 Reno Padres Statistics

The Reno Padres of the California League ended the 1986 season with a record of 73 wins and 69 losses, finishing third in the league's North Division.

The Padres scored 815 runs, most in the league. Reno gave up 789 runs. Brad Pounders walloped 35 home runs for the team and drove in 104 runs. Jerald Clark led hitters with significant playing time with a .303 average. Ed Puig topped the squad with 14 wins, while Tommy Alexander registered a 3.61 earned run average, tops among hurlers with significant time on the mound.

Members of the 1986 Reno Padres who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Thomas Howard, Roberto Alomar and Jerald Clark.

Jim Skaalen served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Tommy AlexanderRRAugust 12, 19616'3"200
Roberto AlomarSRFebruary 5, 19686'0"184Ponce, PR
Eric BauerRLAugust 19, 19636'1"185
Jeff ChildersRFebruary 15, 19656'2"180
Jerald ClarkRRAugust 10, 19636'4"200Crockett, TX US
Ken ClawsonRRFebruary 14, 19656'4"175
Dave CortezRRSeptember 11, 19636'0"175
Mike DebutchRRAugust 21, 19635'10"165
Jim FilippiRSeptember 23, 19636'1"190
Adam GingSRMarch 13, 19646'1"180
Bob GrandstaffRRSeptember 22, 19636'1"180
Jeff GrayRRJune 18, 19666'2"181
Bob GreenleeLAugust 9, 19636'1"190
Greg HallRRApril 10, 19626'2"210Nashville, TN US
Thomas HowardSRDecember 11, 19646'2"200Middletown, OH US
Kevin KristanRDecember 15, 19606'4"192
Pete KutsukosRMay 11, 19626'1"180
Joe LynchRNovember 17, 19626'0"175New Brunswick, NJ US
Scott MarshLDecember 30, 19636'1"175
Tom MeagherRJune 1, 19636'2"195San Francisco, CA US
Jay NieporteRRJuly 5, 19626'3"190
Scott ParsonsRRJanuary 25, 19626'4"210Livingston, NJ US
Brad PoundersRRSeptember 1, 19636'4"205Riverside, CA US
Ed PuigLLOctober 16, 19655'10"183Michigan City, IN US
Scott RaineyRRNovember 7, 19616'1"180
Pablo RiveraRRAugust 3, 19665'11"175
Rick ScalesRRFebruary 6, 19646'0"170
Jeff StewartRMarch 21, 19636'3"190
Mike VisorRMarch 8, 19656'5"210
Jim WasemRRMarch 6, 19625'11"175

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