1950 Rockford Peaches Roster

All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) - Class: Womens
Team Record: 67-44
1st in the AAGPBL
Manager: Bill Allington (67-44)
Location: Rockford, Illinois

1950 Rockford Peaches Statistics

Playoffs - Rockford Peaches 3 games, Kenosha Comets 1
Finals - Rockford Peaches 4 games, Fort Wayne Daisies 3

The Rockford Peaches of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League ended the 1950 season with a record of 67 wins and 44 losses, first in the AAGPBL.

Bill Allington served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Amy Irene ApplegrenLRNovember 16, 1926Peoria, IL
Charlene BarnettRRMarch 13, 1928Elgin, IL
Eleanor CallowRSAugust 8, 1927Winnipeg, MB
Margaret Alice DeschaineRRJuly 19, 1929Lansing, MI
Marilyn DoxeyRRApril 5, 1927Providence, RI
Dorothy DoyleRRFebruary 4, 1924Los Angeles, CA
Cynthia EspositoNovember 8, 1933Everett, MA
Lois FlorreichRRApril 29, 1927Webster Grove, MO
Helen FoxRRMay 9, 1920Ardley, AB
Rose GaciochRRAugust 31, 1915Wheeling, WV
Dorothy KamenshekLLDecember 21, 1925Norwood, OH
Marie KelleyRRNovember 4, 1931Jamaica Plain, MA
Marguerite KerriganRRJuly 24, 1931LaCrescent, MN
Dorothy KeyRRFebruary 17, 1923Winnipeg, MB
Shirley PaleshRRNovember 23, 1929Wausau, WI
Ruth RichardRLSeptember 20, 1928Argus, PA
Louise SauerRRJune 2, 1929Arcadia, WI
Jacquelyn SavageRRNovember 11, 1926Lansing, MI
Edna ScheerRRNovember 4, 1926Cedarburg, WI
Helen WyattRRApril 24, 1930Lemoyne, PA

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