1999 Reds Roster

Gulf Coast League (GCL) - Class: R
Team Record: 14-41
6th in the GCL's West Division
Manager: Luis Quinones (14-41)
Affiliation: Cincinnati Reds
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Ballpark: Twin Lakes Park

1999 Reds Statistics

The Reds of the Gulf Coast League ended the 1999 season with a record of 14 wins and 41 losses, sixth in the league's West Division.

The Reds scored 220 runs and conceded 328 runs, most in the circuit. B. J. Hawes led hitters with significant playing time by hitting .302, while Paul Brown recorded a 4.31 ERA, best among qualifying pitchers.

Players from the 1999 Reds who spent time in the Majors during their careers included Rob Bell, Todd Coffey, A. J. Sager, Randy Ruiz, John Koronka and Ray Olmedo.

Luis Quinones served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Nick PrestoRRJuly 8, 19745'10"175Passaic, NJ US
Ray OlmedoSRMay 31, 19815'11"165Maracay, Aragua VE
Matt NanningaRRNovember 4, 19766'2"195Sioux City, IA US
Kyle MoncriefLLFebruary 4, 19806'6"255Monroe, LA US
Richard MinayaRROctober 10, 19816'3"185Nagua, Maria Trinidad Sanchez DO
Orlando MartinezRRJune 8, 19795'11"165Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Eddy MartinezRRNovember 30, 19806'1"153Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Kenny LutzRROctober 4, 19816'2"215Maryville, IL US
Ryan LundquistRRNovember 26, 19766'1"200Norman, OK US
Brandon LoveRRApril 5, 19806'2"190Salem, AR US
Gary LoudonRRMay 19, 19766'5"205Sidney, NY US
Jorge LopezLRAugust 28, 19816'0"180Maracay, Aragua VE
Teddy RoseLRAugust 23, 19736'1"180Lima, OH US
Monte RoundtreeLLFebruary 7, 19786'4"165Greenville, NC US
Randy RuizRROctober 19, 19776'3"250Bronx, NY US
Jacob WallisRRFebruary 1, 19806'3"200Fort Worth, TX US
Jose ValdezRRJune 11, 19796'1"185San Cristobal, San Cristobal DO
Corey TaylorRROctober 2, 19746'0"185Monroe, LA US
Tony SmithLRSeptember 6, 19806'0"205Augusta, GA US
Jacobo SequeaRRAugust 31, 19816'1"220Anaco, Anzoategui VE
Terence SenegalRRNovember 25, 19786'1"180Lafayette, LA US
Kevin SchnallRRJanuary 30, 19776'0"200Easton, PA US
Justin SantonocitoLRDecember 15, 19765'11"192Buffalo, NY US
D. J. SantiagoSRJune 17, 19795'10"190Cleveland, OH US
A. J. SagerRRMarch 3, 19656'4"220Columbus, OH US
Dennis RussoRRJanuary 10, 19806'3"185Winter Haven, FL US
Ruddy LirianoRRJune 3, 19816'0"175Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Alex LeFloreRRAugust 14, 19806'2"195Montreal, QC CA
Matt KoziaraRRNovember 8, 19766'2"205Franklin, PA US
Gabriel DamatoRRJanuary 30, 19776'0"210Des Plaines, IL US
Travis CopleyLRJanuary 8, 19766'4"215Richmond, VA US
Eric CooperRRSeptember 5, 19776'4"225San Leandro, CA US
Todd CoffeyRRSeptember 9, 19806'4"240Shelby, NC US
Lou ChighisolaLLMay 7, 19766'3"220Weymouth, MA US
Wandel CampanaRRJune 6, 19786'0"175Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Rafael CamareroRRAugust 22, 19816'2"175Veracruz, Veracruz MX
Wilmy CaceresSROctober 2, 19736'0"160Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Paul BrownLLOctober 11, 19786'1"185San Diego, CA US
Rob BellRRJanuary 17, 19776'5"225Newburgh, NY US
Corey BarrowRRMarch 30, 19805'10"185Athens, GA US
Gene AltmanRRSeptember 1, 19786'7"235Sumter, SC US
Casey DeHartLLNovember 1, 19776'1"190Fort Worth, TX US
Odis DoltonRRApril 3, 19806'4"220Abilene, TX US
Roger FoltynowiczRRJanuary 13, 19776'2"195Brooklyn, NY US
John KoronkaLLJuly 3, 19806'0"200Clearwater, FL US
Robbie KisonRRMay 11, 19775'10"155Bradenton, FL US
Glen JosephRRSeptember 3, 19806'3"190, St. Thomas VI
Ryan JohnersonRRNovember 23, 19766'2"195Billings, MT US
Robert JenkinsRRMarch 11, 19766'6"225Columbus, OH US
Carlos HinesRRSeptember 26, 19806'3"190Smithfield, NC US
B. J. HawesRRJune 2, 19796'0"170Augusta, GA US
Scott HarrellRRNovember 25, 19746'2"170Omaha, NE US
Elvin GuillenRRMay 12, 19816'3"180Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Jaime GoudieRRMarch 8, 19795'10"180Miami, FL US
Arnie GoochRRNovember 12, 19766'2"195Levittown, PA US
Vianney GarabitoRRDecember 12, 19796'2"195Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Cesar AbreuRRJuly 17, 19786'0"170San Cristobal, San Cristobal DO

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