1923 Rochester Tribe Roster

International League (IL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 101-65
Finished 2nd in the IL
Manager: George Stallings (101-65)
Location: Rochester, New York
Ballpark: Bay Street Park
Attendance: 217,977, Avg. 2,626
1923 Rochester Tribe Statistics

The Rochester Tribe of the International League ended the 1923 season with a record of 101 wins and 65 losses, finishing second in the IL.

George Stallings served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
James Allen
Maurice ArchdeaconLLDecember 14, 18985'8"153St. Louis, MO US
Sam BarnesLRDecember 18, 18995'8"150Suggsville, AL US
Walter BeallRRJuly 29, 18995'10"178Washington, DC US
Cliff BradyRRMarch 6, 18975'5"140St. Louis, MO US
John Command
Harold Drew
Guy DunningSeptember 27, 1894Dixons Mills, AL US
Burney GriffinLLNovember 25, 18995'8"155Pearson, GA US
John JenkinsRRJuly 7, 18965'8"160Bosworth, MO US
Ralph JuddLRDecember 7, 19015'10"170Perrysburg, OH US
Francis KarppLRFebruary 12, 18965'10"155
Jimmie KeenanLLMay 25, 18995'7"155Avon, NY US
Harry LakeOctober 30, 1889Licking County, OH US
Cicero Littrell
Harry LunteRRSeptember 15, 18925'11"165St. Louis, MO US
Wickey McAvoyRROctober 20, 18945'11"172Rochester, NY US
John McCaffery
Walter McQuinn
Carl Meador
Fred MerkleRRDecember 20, 18886'1"190Watertown, WI US
Johnny MiljusRRJune 30, 18956'1"178Pittsburgh, PA US
Jake MillerLLFebruary 28, 18986'2"170Wagram, OH US
Bill MooreRRSeptember 3, 19026'3"195Corning, NY US
Leo O'Malley
Leo PayneRRMarch 8, 18946'3"190
Alex Peterson
Clarence PittLROctober 15, 18965'7"145St. Louis, MO US
Herman Schwartje189Saginaw, MI US
Art SmithRRAugust 17, 18935'11"185Delvan, KS US
Marvin SteggerdaRRAugust 10, 1900
Henry Thompson
Kaiser WilhelmRRJanuary 26, 18776'0"162Wooster, OH US
Jack WisnerRRNovember 5, 18996'3"195Grand Rapids, MI US
Sid WomackRROctober 2, 18965'11"200Greensburg, LA US
Hal YordyLLJanuary 30, 18966'2"180

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