1938 Springfield Browns Roster

Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League (IIIL) - Class: B
Team Record: 63-60
4th in the IIIL
Manager: Walter Holke (63-60)
Affiliation: St. Louis Browns
Location: Springfield, Illinois
Ballpark: Robin Roberts Stadium at Lanphier Park
Attendance: 66,944, Avg. 1,089
1938 Springfield Browns Statistics

Playoffs - Decatur Commodores 3 games, Springfield Browns 2

The Springfield Browns of the Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League ended the 1938 season with a record of 63 wins and 60 losses, fourth in the IIIL.

Walter Holke served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Red BarkleyRRSeptember 19, 19125'11"160Childress, TX US
Fred ReinhartLSeptember 6, 19165'8"175Dewey, IL US
James RollinsRR6'0"205
James RonsiekSRFebruary 17, 19176'3"180
Fabian RyanSR6'1"175
Ralph SamsRR6'4"195
Edward SchlueterR5'10"165
John SchofieldLinwood, PA US
Len SchulteRRDecember 5, 19165'10"160St. Charles, MO US
Harold SnyderR5'10"180
Vern StephensRROctober 23, 19205'10"185McAllister, NM US
Chuck StevensSLJuly 10, 19186'1"180Van Houten, NM US
Fred StrobleRRSeptember 14, 19166'3"205
Howard TaylorRRSeptember 2, 19095'10"185
Oliver ThomasRR5'10"175
Charles ValciL6'0"174
Don VettorelJanuary 1, 1910191
Frank PietR6'0"185
Manny PérezRRDecember 6, 19166'1"172El Paso, TX US
Emil BildilliRLSeptember 16, 19125'10"170Diamond, IN US
Warren BuswellRR5'11"168
John CordellLLDecember 6, 19096'2"200
Conley CoxS5'10"175
Tony CriscolaLRJuly 9, 19155'11"180Walla Walla, WA US
Charles CroninRRJune 27, 19145'11"160Steubenville, OH US
John DeMoiseyR6'5"205
Lloyd FinckRR6'4"200
Paul GunterRRApril 14, 19176'1"180
William HornsbyRFebruary 10, 19165'10"175Porterville, CA US
George KovachRJanuary 9, 19146'1"180, VA US
Peter MedakR6'0"185
Walter MenkeR5'10"165
Arve MortrudeRR5'11"175
Auby MurrellRJanuary 24, 19155'11"168
Russell OlsenRR6'2"187
Lou WeissRR6'1"180

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