1988 St. Petersburg Cardinals Roster

Florida State League (FSL) - Class: A
Team Record: 68-68
Finished 3rd in the FSL's West Division
Manager: Dave Bialas (68-68)
Affiliation: St. Louis Cardinals
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Ballpark: Al Lang Stadium
Attendance: 170,534, Avg. 2,508
1988 St. Petersburg Cardinals Statistics

The St. Petersburg Cardinals of the Florida State League ended the 1988 season with a record of 68 wins and 68 losses, finishing third in the league's West Division.

The Cardinals scored 524 runs and yielded 556 runs. Scott Melvin drove in 58 runs. Mike Senne led all regular batters by hitting .285. Len Picota topped the squad with 11 wins, while Jay North earned a 2.68 ERA, tops among regular hurlers.

Players from the 1988 St. Petersburg Cardinals who spent time in Major League Baseball during their careers included Mike Pérez, Geronimo Pena, Tim Sherrill and Lonnie Maclin.

Dave Bialas served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
John BalfanzLRSeptember 16, 19656'3"205
Scott BroadfootRJune 18, 19656'1"185
Dennis CarterRRNovember 20, 19646'4"200
Joe CunninghamRRJanuary 16, 19636'0"185St. Louis, MO US
Jerry DanielsLLFebruary 8, 1966
Terry ElliotRRMarch 19, 19646'1"180
Bob FaronRApril 8, 19636'2"190
Joey FernandezLRNovember 18, 19656'1"190Tampa, FL US
Terry GreenRRJune 22, 19665'10"175
Scott HamiltonRRDecember 17, 19636'3"210
Bill HershmanROctober 7, 19646'2"185
Pat HewesRRNovember 12, 19645'10"190
Steve HillLMarch 14, 19636'0"170
Mike HinkleRRMarch 17, 19655'11"170Kansas City, KS US
Crucito LaraSRDecember 31, 19666'0"150
Scott LawrenceRAugust 1, 19636'3"200
Rob LivchakLJuly 13, 19626'2"215
Lonnie MaclinLLFebruary 17, 19676'0"185St. Louis, MO US
Bill MannLROctober 11, 19616'0"196
Julian MartinezRRJune 2, 19676'0"175Bani, Peravia DO
Tom MauchLRJuly 12, 19626'4"197Covina, CA US
Kevin Maxey
Scott MelvinRROctober 3, 19636'2"190Quincy, IL US
Darren NelsonRRNovember 25, 19656'2"190
Jay NorthRRJune 21, 19626'3"220Alameda, CA US
Gab OzunaRRApril 10, 19696'1"160
Geronimo PenaSRMarch 29, 19676'1"170Los Alcarrizos, Distrito Nacional DO
Mike PérezRROctober 19, 19646'0"185Yauco, PR
Len PicotaRRJuly 23, 19665'11"200Panama, Panama PA
Larry PiersonRRFebruary 10, 19656'1"190St. Louis, MO US
Lee PlemelRRSeptember 19, 19666'1"180
Mark SchulteLRJune 1, 19645'11"170Red Bud, IL US
Mike SenneRRJune 5, 19646'1"180
Tim SherrillLLSeptember 10, 19655'11"170Harrison, AR US
Ken SmithRNovember 16, 19656'2"185
Orlando ThomasRRNovember 23, 19666'1"210
Paul ThoutsisLROctober 23, 19656'1"185Worcester, MA US
Stan ZaltsmanLMarch 14, 19646'0"180

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