1964 Santa Barbara Dodgers Roster

California League (CL) - Class: A
Team Record: 68-71
Finished 5th in the CL
Manager: Al Ronning (68-71)
Affiliation: Los Angeles Dodgers
Location: Santa Barbara, California
Ballpark: Laguna Park
Attendance: 13,408, Avg. 193
1964 Santa Barbara Dodgers Statistics

The Santa Barbara Dodgers of the California League ended the 1964 season with a record of 68 wins and 71 losses, finishing fifth in the CL.

Al Ronning served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
James ActonLLNovember 6, 19415'8"165
Luis AlcarazRRJune 20, 19415'9"165Humacao, PR
Doug AndersonRRAugust 18, 19426'4"191
Richard ArmstrongRRJuly 30, 19446'2"190El Paso, TX US
James BiceRR6'1"180
Jack BillinghamRRFebruary 21, 19436'4"195Orlando, FL US
Chuck BohlingRRJanuary 16, 19446'2"200Midland, TX US
Tim ChrismanRRNovember 3, 19446'2"165
Willie CrawfordLLSeptember 7, 19466'1"197Los Angeles, CA US
Dennis DabollRRNovember 5, 19466'3"190
Larry EckenrodeLRSeptember 6, 19445'8"170Los Angeles, CA US
Warren HartlingSR6'2"198
Wally HeckelLRSeptember 23, 19436'2"180
Johnny HillRRNovember 17, 19426'0"184
Gary HolmanLLJanuary 25, 19446'1"200Long Beach, CA US
Jim JenkinsRRDecember 25, 19436'0"180Mason City, IA US
Mike KekichRLApril 2, 19456'1"196San Diego, CA US
Lyndon KurtLL6'0"205
Bill LohrLL5'9"170
Denny MarquardtRRApril 8, 19436'1"190
Jan MartinSROctober 25, 19416'1"178
John MaysRR6'1"180
Mik MehasRRDecember 23, 19406'0"185Upland, CA US
Daryl PattersonLRNovember 21, 19436'4"192Coalinga, CA US
Byron RandolphLLDecember 12, 19455'11"185San Jose, CA US
Mel RobertsRRJanuary 18, 19436'0"180Abington, PA US
Lynn RogaliaSRDecember 3, 19446'2"195
Al RonningRRSeptember 21, 19266'1"190Everett, WA US
William SeberaRR6'1"195
Joseph SkaisgirRR6'5"210
Fred SoutherlandSL6'2"183
Jim StricklandLLJune 12, 19466'0"175Los Angeles, CA US
Trevor SwangardRR5'9"170
Downey ThomasRRJanuary 23, 19436'0"200
Kenneth WashingtonLLSeptember 4, 19415'11"185
Dale WilliamsRRMarch 5, 19436'3"180
Fred WoessnerLRJanuary 22, 19425'9"170New Orleans, LA US

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