1912 St. Joseph Drummers Roster

Western League (WL) - Class: A
Team Record: 94-72
2nd in the WL
Manager: Jack Holland (94-72)
Location: St. Joseph, Missouri
Ballpark: Sixth Street Park

1912 St. Joseph Drummers Statistics

The St. Joseph Drummers of the Western League ended the 1912 season with a record of 94 wins and 72 losses, second in the WL.

Jack Holland served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Lou BachantSeptember 26, 1888Kankakee, IL US
Bob MeinkeRRJune 25, 18875'10"135Chicago, IL US
Ray PowellLRNovember 20, 18885'9"160Siloam Springs, AR US
Barney ReillyRRFebruary 7, 18846'0"175Brockton, MA US
Braggo RothRRAugust 28, 18925'7"170Chicago, IL US
George SageJuly 4, 1887
Kid SpeerLLJune 16, 18865'9"152Corning, MO US
Frosty ThomasRRMay 23, 18816'0"185Faucett, MO US
George Watson
Charlie WheatleyRRJune 27, 18935'11"174Rosedale, KS US
Ralph WoldringRRMarch 9, 18896'0"165
John McDonnell
Joe KellyRRSeptember 23, 18865'10"175Weir City, KS US
Chief JohnsonRRMarch 30, 18865'11"190Winnebago, NE US
Ralph BellLLNovember 16, 18905'11"170Kahoka, MO US
Babe BortonLLAugust 14, 18886'0"178Marion, IL US
John Castle
Hank CheletteJuly 4, 1889Shreveport, LA US
Dick CrutcherRRNovember 25, 18895'9"148Frankfort, KY US
James FreemanJuly 29, 1878
Dick GossettRRAugust 21, 18905'11"185Dennison, OH US
Dave GriffithR
Dutch ZwillingLLNovember 2, 18885'6"160St. Louis, MO US

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