1915 South Bend Factors Roster

Southern Michigan Association (SMA) - Class: C
Team Record: 44-24
Finished 1st in the SMA
Manager: Ed Smith (44-24)
Location: South Bend, Indiana
Ballpark: Springbrook Park

1915 South Bend Factors Statistics

The South Bend Factors of the Southern Michigan Association ended the 1915 season with a record of 44 wins and 24 losses, finishing first in the SMA.

Ed Smith served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
George BeallSLSeptember 15, 18946'0"168
Bert BroderApril 1, 1890
Joseph ClaffeyJanuary 26, 1889
Ed DuffyDecember 7, 1891
Chick EdmistonJanuary 2, 1888
Jim EschenRRAugust 21, 18915'10"160Brooklyn, NY US
Joe Grodick
Glenn HelmerApril 24, 1892
Herbert HillRRAugust 19, 18915'11"175Dallas, TX US
Calvin HixenbaughMarch 31, 1890
Ben KoehlerRRJanuary 26, 18775'10"175Schoerndorn, DE
Lawrence KorfhagenMarch 28, 1893
Harry LakeOctober 30, 1889Licking County, OH US
Lou LowdermilkRLFebruary 23, 18876'1"180Sandborn, IN US
Charles VallandinghamLRMay 2, 18876'0"165

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