1887 Scranton Indians Roster

International Association (IA) - Class: A
Team Record: 19-55
in the IA
Manager: Denny Mack (0-0), Chris Meisel (0-0), Fergy Malone (0-0)
Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Ballpark: Laurel Hill Base Ball Park

1887 Scranton Indians Statistics

The Scranton Indians of the International Association ended the 1887 season with a record of 19 wins and 55 lossesOswego disbanded May 31. Scranton joined the league with the provision that they start with a clean slate.

Denny Mack, Chris Meisel and Fergy Malone served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
George BackerNovember 18, 1867
Johnny Lavin5'11"175Troy, NY US
Thomas McGuirk5'11"190, NY US
George MeakimRRJuly 11, 18655'7"154Brooklyn, NY US
Joe O'Brien
Doc OberlanderLLMay 12, 18645'10"165Waukegan, IL US
Charlie OsterhoutRJune 0, 1856Syracuse, NY US
Jimmy ReardonMarch 15, 1863
Pop SchriverRRJuly 11, 18655'9"172Brooklyn, NY US
John ShoupLLSeptember 30, 18515'7"140, WV US
Simmons Steiner
Joe StraubRRJanuary 19, 18585'10"160Milwaukee, WI US
Phil TomneyRRJune 17, 18635'7"155Reading, PA US
Charles Whitney
Charlie JonesOctober 24, 1861New York, NY US
Alex JacobsDecember 15, 18645'5"150
John Holzberger
Maurice Bresnahan
Eddie BurkeLROctober 6, 18665'6"161Northumberland, PA US
Frank CoxAugust 29, 18575'6"Waltham, MA US
Edward Cramer
Sam CraneRRJanuary 2, 18546'0"190Springfield, MA US
William Crossley
George DaisyMarch 9, 18575'7"140Gloucester, NJ US
Jim DeeDecember 27, 18645'9"180Safe Harbor, PA US
Punch Devinney5'9"170Thurlow, PA US
Bill EaganJune 1, 18695'7"148Camden, NJ US
Kid GleasonSROctober 26, 18665'7"158Camden, NJ US
Pete HasneyMay 26, 1864, GB
John HenryRRSeptember 2, 1863Springfield, MA US
Edward WilliamsApril 28, 18665'3"130

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