2002 Spokane Indians Roster

Northwest League (NL) - Class: Short Season A
Team Record: 29-47
3rd in the NL's East Division
Manager: Tom Poquette (29-47)
Affiliation: Kansas City Royals
Location: Spokane, Washington
Ballpark: Avista Stadium
Attendance: 161,570, Avg. 4,252 in 38 home dates
2002 Spokane Indians Statistics

The Spokane Indians of the Northwest League ended the 2002 season with a record of 29 wins and 47 losses, third in the league's East Division. The team scored 348 runs, while allowing 439 runs. Tom Poquette served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Eric AckermanLLOctober 19, 19796'0"199Reading, PA US
Donnie MurphyRRMarch 10, 19835'10"190Lakewood, CA US
Rusty MeyerRRFebruary 8, 19816'0"180Kansas City, MO US
Matt McDonnellRRAugust 7, 19796'4"210Rome, IT
Derrik LytleLLDecember 1, 19816'2"180Mesa, AZ US
Eric LonnquistRRJune 20, 19806'0"180Minneapolis, MN US
Curtis LegendreRRSeptember 1, 19816'0"185Beaumont, TX US
Billy KeppingerLLDecember 15, 19786'0"180Miami, FL US
Adam KeimRRJanuary 5, 19815'11"196Lebanon, PA US
Kelvin NunezRRMarch 18, 19836'5"210La Romana, La Romana DO
Alex RodriguezSRSeptember 2, 19825'11"150La Romana, La Romana DO
Jake VallesRRJune 12, 19806'0"190El Paso, TX US
Matt TupmanLRNovember 25, 19795'11"185Concord, NH US
Justin TaylorRRDecember 8, 19796'2"200Greenville, SC US
Victor SuarezSRNovember 23, 19796'1"180Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Mel StockerLRAugust 15, 19805'9"156Tucson, AZ US
Bernard StephensLRNovember 11, 19796'0"208Augusta, GA US
Jason StefaniLLApril 11, 19796'1"200San Jose, CA US
Victor RosarioLRDecember 26, 19805'8"170San Juan, PR
Dave JensenLLDecember 16, 19796'3"210Payson, UT US
Jake GuzmanRRAugust 2, 19826'0"210La Mesa, CA US
Steve ChamberlainLRJuly 20, 19806'2"216Springfield, IL US
Ramsey CarterRRNovember 26, 19806'2"190Wurzburg, DE
Ira BrownRRAugust 3, 19826'4"215Corsicana, TX US
Jonah BaylissRRAugust 13, 19806'1"200North Adams, MA US
Jason BartzRRNovember 25, 19796'2"200Fort Lauderdale, FL US
John BarnettRRJune 26, 19826'1"205Downey, CA US
Greg AtencioRRJuly 15, 19816'2"191Phoenix, AZ US
Alexis AlexanderRRNovember 18, 19825'11"200Dayton, OH US
Danny ChristensenLLAugust 10, 19836'1"210Brooklyn, NY US
Erik DeanLRFebruary 7, 19826'0"198Santa Clara, CA US
Zack GreinkeRROctober 21, 19836'0"195Orlando, FL US
Tim FrendRRMay 20, 19806'2"180Royal Oak, MI US
Matt FerraraRRSeptember 27, 19826'1"200Hollywood, FL US
Drew EndicottRRMarch 30, 19816'2"181Joplin, MO US
Alexis EncarnacionRRSeptember 26, 19826'0"160Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Trey DysonLLMarch 11, 19806'4"215Columbia, SC US
Dusty DossettRRApril 11, 19806'1"168Athens, TX US
Jeremy DodsonLRMay 3, 19776'2"200Sherman, TX US
Nate ZettlerRRMarch 26, 19806'2"190Hamilton, OH US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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