1920 Seattle Rainiers Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 102-91
2nd in the PCL
Manager: Buzzy Wares (102-91)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Ballpark: Dugdale Park
Attendance: 284,950, Avg. 2,953
1920 Seattle Rainiers Statistics

The Seattle Rainiers of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1920 season with a record of 102 wins and 91 losses, second in the league. Buzzy Wares served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bert AdamsSRJune 21, 18916'1"185Wharton, TX US
Red BaldwinRRSeptember 1, 18945'11"180Oakland, CA US
Johnny BasslerLRJune 3, 18955'9"170Lancaster, PA US
Sam BohneRROctober 22, 18965'8"175San Francisco, CA US
Lynn BrentonRROctober 7, 18895'10"165Peoria, IL US
Guy CooperSRJanuary 28, 18936'1"185Rome, GA US
Bill CunninghamRRJuly 30, 18945'8"155San Francisco, CA US
Joe DaileyRRJune 24, 18956'4"197Yakima, WA US
Al DemareeLRSeptember 8, 18846'0"170Quincy, IL US
Lee DempseyLMarch 24, 1898Rock Island, IL US
Ross EldredJuly 26, 1892Sacramento, CA US
Carter ElliottLRNovember 29, 18935'11"165Atchison, KS US
Ray FrancisLLMarch 8, 18936'1"182Sherman, TX US
Harry GardnerRRJune 1, 18876'2"180Quincy, MI US
Bob GearyRRMay 10, 18915'11"168Cincinnati, OH US
Larry Harrigan
Bruce HartfordRRMay 14, 18926'0"190Chicago, IL US
Bill JamesRRMarch 12, 18926'3"196Iowa Hill, CA US
Duke KenworthySRJuly 4, 18865'7"165Cambridge, OH US
Merlin KoppSRJanuary 2, 18925'8"158Toledo, OH US
George LaFayetteAugust 6, 1895South Fork Township, IA US
Robert MiddletonAugust 15, 1888Servia, IN US
Rod MurphyOctober 19, 1892Fort Ringold, TX US
Bob Nixon
Art ReinhartLLMay 29, 18996'1"170Ackley, IA US
John RohrerAugust 20, 1892Hastings, NE US
Charles SchorrDecember 11, 1896San Francisco, CA US
Socks SeiboldRRMay 31, 18965'8"162Philadelphia, PA US
Paul StrandRLDecember 19, 18936'0"190Carbonado, WA US
Bill StumpfRRMarch 21, 18926'0"175Baltimore, MD US
Ed SweeneyRRJuly 19, 18886'1"200Chicago, IL US
Frank TobinRJuly 10, 18936'0"185San Jose, CA US
Buzzy WaresRRMay 23, 18865'10"150Vandalia, MI US
Harry WolterLRJuly 11, 18845'10"175Monterey, CA US
Frank WoodwardRRMay 17, 18945'10"175New Haven, CT US
Carl ZamlochRROctober 6, 18896'1"176Oakland, CA US

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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