1951 San Francisco Seals Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 74-93
Finished 8th in the PCL
Manager: Lefty O'Doul (74-93)
Affiliation: New York Yankees
Location: San Francisco, California
Ballpark: Seals Stadium
Attendance: 199,083, Avg. 2,384
1951 San Francisco Seals Statistics

The San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1951 season with a record of 74 wins and 93 losses, finishing eighth in the PCL.

The Seals plated 728 runs and conceded 848 runs, most in the league. Eddie Lake paced San Francisco with 27 home runs, while Ray Orteig and Dale McCawley walloped 20 or more as well. Dale McCawley drove in 73 runs and topped batters with significant playing time by connecting at a .287 clip. Lew Burdette led the team with 14 wins and a team-best 3.21 ERA, leading qualifying pitchers.

Eddie Lake, Ray Hamrick, Paul Hinrichs, Wally Hood, Chet Johnson, Bob Thurman, Archie Wilson, Joe Page, Fenton Mole, Dario Lodigiani, Dale Long, Bill Renna, Bonnie Serrell, Neill Sheridan, Bob Savage, Ed Sauer, Elmer Singleton, Hank Behrman, Mike Baxes, Lew Burdette, Jim Brideweser, Buster Adams, Bill Bradford, Frank Barnes, Jack Graham, Joe Grace, John Douglas, Con Dempsey and Jack Conway were all players from the 1951 San Francisco Seals who played in the Major Leagues during their careers.

Lefty O'Doul served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Buster AdamsRRJune 24, 19156'0"180Trinidad, CO US
Frank BarnesRRAugust 26, 19266'0"170Longwood, MS US
Mike BaxesRRDecember 18, 19305'10"175San Francisco, CA US
Hank BehrmanRRJune 27, 19215'11"174Brooklyn, NY US
Bill BoemlerLLSeptember 5, 19276'6"220Los Angeles, CA US
Bill BradfordRRAugust 28, 19216'2"180Choctaw, AR US
Jim BrideweserRRFebruary 13, 19276'0"165Lancaster, OH US
Dick BriskeyRROctober 12, 19275'11"175Yakima, WA US
Lew BurdetteRRNovember 22, 19266'2"180Nitro, WV US
Ed CereghinoRRNovember 24, 19336'2"205San Francisco, CA US
Jack ConwayRRJuly 30, 19185'11"175Bryan, TX US
Art DelDucaRRJune 2, 19276'0"175Methuen, MA US
Con DempseyRRSeptember 16, 19226'4"190San Francisco, CA US
Lloyd DickeyLLSeptember 18, 19296'1"170San Francisco, CA US
Ernie DomenichelliRRMarch 18, 19296'1"180Geyserville, CA US
John DouglasLLSeptember 14, 19176'2"195Thayer, WV US
Harry EastwoodRJuly 9, 19296'0"175Oakland, CA US
Leland FergusonRLMarch 28, 19316'5"220Fortuna, CA US
Guy FletcherRRAugust 23, 19106'0"190East Bend, NC US
Joe GraceLRJanuary 5, 19146'1"180Gorham, IL US
Jack GrahamLLDecember 24, 19166'2"200Minneapolis, MN US
Ray HamrickRRAugust 1, 19215'11"160Nashville, TN US
Paul HinrichsRRAugust 31, 19256'0"180Marengo, IA US
Wally HoodRRSeptember 24, 19256'1"190Los Angeles, CA US
Al JacintoRRJune 30, 19245'5"148Clarksburg, CA US
Chet JohnsonLLAugust 1, 19176'0"175Redmond, WA US
Eddie LakeRRMarch 18, 19165'7"159Antioch, CA US
Al LienSLFebruary 2, 19156'2"180Canby, OR US
Dario LodigianiRRJune 6, 19165'8"150San Francisco, CA US
Dale LongLLFebruary 6, 19266'4"205Springfield, MO US
Chuck MalmbergRDecember 11, 19286'0"160Pittsburg, CA US
Dale McCawleyRRAugust 12, 19236'0"175Omaha, NE US
Fenton MoleLLJune 14, 19256'1"200San Leandro, CA US
Jimmy MoranRRApril 19, 19246'1"185Oakland, CA US
Ray OrteigRRDecember 20, 19196'0"185Orchards, WA US
Joe PageLLOctober 28, 19176'3"200Cherry Valley, PA US
Evert PearsonOctober 10, 1926192, CA US
Manny PérezRRDecember 6, 19166'1"172El Paso, TX US
Bill RennaRROctober 14, 19246'3"218Hanford, CA US
Jim RussellLLDecember 25, 19315'11"175Los Angeles, Ca US
Ed SauerRRJanuary 3, 19196'1"188Pittsburgh, PA US
Bob SavageRRDecember 1, 19216'2"180Manchester, NH US
Ted SavareseSLAugust 22, 19245'5"160San Francisco, CA US
Bonnie SerrellLRMarch 9, 19205'11"160Bayou Natchez, LA US
Neill SheridanRRNovember 20, 19216'1"195Sacramento, CA US
Elmer SingletonRRJune 26, 19186'2"174Ogden, UT US
Dewey SorianoLRFebruary 8, 19206'3"200Prince Rupert, BC CA
Bob ThurmanLLMay 14, 19176'1"205Kellyville, OK US
Tony TornayRROctober 6, 19296'0"205San Francisco, CA US
Gene VallaRSeptember 3, 19256'0"170San Francisco, CA US
Archie WilsonRRNovember 25, 19235'11"175Los Angeles, CA US
Matt ZidichLRJune 15, 19276'0"185San Francisco, CA US

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