1914 Syracuse Stars Roster

New York State League (NYSL) - Class: B
Team Record: 48-79
7th in the NYSL
Manager: Fred Payne (48-79)
Location: Syracuse, New York
Ballpark: Star Park

1914 Syracuse Stars Statistics

The Syracuse Stars of the New York State League ended the 1914 season with a record of 48 wins and 79 losses, seventh in the NYSL. Fred Payne served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Ray AlexanderRRMay 10, 1895St. Paul, NE US
Lou NorthRRJune 15, 18915'11"175Elgin, IL US
James O'Brien
Fred PayneRRSeptember 2, 18805'10"162Camden, NY US
Hank PerryLRJuly 28, 18865'11"190Howell, MI US
Fred Rawley
Ed ReichleApril 1, 1883, NE US
Jim RileyRRNovember 10, 18866'0"165Buffalo, NY US
Karl Robinson
Lefty RussellLLJuly 8, 18906'1"165Baltimore, MD US
Gus Schwarz
Phil SittonJuly 17, 1884Pendleton, SC US
Joe SlatteryLLMarch 15, 18886'1"190St. Louis, MO US
Sug SweetSeptember 8, 1891
Johnny Tubbert
George Wheeler
Dominic MulrenanRRDecember 18, 18935'11"170Woburn, MA US
Lynn BellNovember 18, 1883
Fred BurchellRLJuly 14, 18795'11"190Perth Amboy, NJ US
Orrin Day
Ed DonnellyRRJuly 29, 18796'1"205Hampton, NY US
John DowdRRJanuary 3, 18915'8"170Weymouth, MA US
Frank FletcherRRMarch 6, 18915'10"165Hildreth, IL US
William Glennon
Jack HarperRRAugust 5, 18935'11"180Hendricks, WV US
Archie HillOctober 17, 1886
Joe HouserLLJuly 3, 18915'9"160Steubenville, OH US
Harold Johns5'10"175
John KellyMarch 13, 18795'9"165Clifton Heights, PA US
Harry Leopold
Willard MeikleSeptember 13, 1888
Irve WrattenNovember 11, 1882

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