1939 Toledo Mud Hens Roster

American Association (AA) - Class: AA
Team Record: 47-107
8th in the AA
Manager: Myles Thomas (47-107)
Affiliation: Detroit Tigers
Location: Toledo, Ohio
Ballpark: Noah H. Swayne Field
Attendance: 85,771, Avg. 1,114
1939 Toledo Mud Hens Statistics

The Toledo Mud Hens of the American Association ended the 1939 season with a record of 47 wins and 107 losses, eighth in the AA. Myles Thomas served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Junie BarnesLLDecember 1, 19115'11"170Linwood, NC US
Freddie MullerRRDecember 21, 19075'10"170Newark, CA US
Emmett NelsonRRFebruary 26, 19056'3"180Viborg, SD US
Dixie ParsonsRRMay 12, 19166'2"180Talladega, AL US
Boyd PerryRRMarch 21, 19145'10"158Snow Camp, NC US
Ted PetoskeyRRJanuary 5, 19115'11"183St. Charles, MI US
Red PhillipsRRNovember 3, 19086'3"195Pauls Valley, OK US
Ewald PyleLLAugust 27, 19106'0"175St. Louis, MO US
Jackie ReidLRMarch 27, 18955'8"157Boyd, TX US
Joe RogalskiRRJuly 15, 19126'2"187Ashland, WI US
Andy SabotaR6'1"180
Frank SecoryRRAugust 24, 19126'1"200Mason City, IA US
Albert SmithR6'0"187
John TateRRMarch 18, 19166'2"175Deport, TX US
Harry TaylorLLDecember 26, 19076'1"185McKeesport, PA US
Thomas TigheLL5'11"175
Lester WirkkalaRROctober 9, 19136'0"170Sebeka, MN US
James MorrisRRAugust 30, 19126'4"175San Francisco, CA US
Pat McLaughlinRRAugust 17, 19106'2"175Taylor, TX US
Benny McCoyLRNovember 9, 19155'9"170Jenison, MI US
Eli Birmingham
James BrownR6'1"185
Dutch DietzRRFebruary 12, 19125'11"180Cincinnati, OH US
Cecil DunnRRMay 13, 19115'11"185Linden, AL US
Joe DwyerLLMarch 27, 19035'9"186Orange, NJ US
Les FlemingLLAugust 7, 19155'10"185Singleton, TX US
Conrad FlippenR5'10"165
Carl FoldenauerRFebruary 25, 19176'0"200
Floyd GiebellLRDecember 10, 19096'2"172Pennsboro, WV US
Joe GraceLRJanuary 5, 19146'1"180Gorham, IL US
Kenny HuffRR5'11"165
Fred HutchinsonLRAugust 12, 19196'2"190Seattle, WA US
Fred JohnsonRRMarch 10, 18946'0"185Tolar, TX US
Johnny JohnsonLLSeptember 29, 19146'0"182Belmore, OH US
Milton LehnhardtL6'1"185
Vernon MackieRNovember 15, 19016'0"185
Ralph YounkerRRSeptember 2, 19195'10"165Los Angeles, CA US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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