1949 Tampa Smokers Roster

Florida International League (FIL) - Class: B
Team Record: 81-72
4th in the FIL
Manager: Travis Jackson (0-0), Wes Ferrell (0-0)
Location: Tampa, Florida
Ballpark: Plant Field
Attendance: 105,949, Avg. 1,385
1949 Tampa Smokers Statistics

Playoffs - Tampa Smokers 3 games, Miami Sun Sox 1
Finals - Tampa Smokers 4 games, Havana Cubanos 0

The Tampa Smokers of the Florida International League ended the 1949 season with a record of 81 wins and 72 losses, fourth in the FIL.

Travis Jackson and Wes Ferrell served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Roger WrightRR6'1"175
Manuel FernandezRJanuary 4, 19206'0"193
Benny FernandezRJune 22, 19216'1"200
Tom DrakeRRAugust 7, 19126'1"185Birmingham, AL US
Carlos DeSouzaRRJune 6, 19265'7"160
Oscar DelCalvoRR5'7"170
Bill DauesRJuly 20, 19276'1"190Ste. Genevieve, MO US
Danny DansonApril 7, 1927192
Charlie CuellarRRSeptember 24, 19175'11"183Ybor City, FL US
Dave CoxROctober 27, 19235'10"175
Ray ChewR5'8"165
Chet CovingtonSLNovember 6, 19106'2"195Cairo, IL US
William BurnsRR6'1"193
Joseph BenitoR5'7"130
Blas Arroyo
Jack BeardenR6'0"215
John AlonsoRJune 27, 19296'1"180
Wes FerrellRRFebruary 2, 19086'2"195Greensboro, NC US
Catayo GonzalezRL5'10"178
Al KvasnakRRJanuary 11, 19216'1"170Sagamore, PA US
Edward WayneRROctober 4, 19216'1"195
Reggie TeumaR5'7"180
Roy ValdesRRFebruary 23, 19205'11"185La Habana, La Habana CU
Bill TannerRR6'4"212
Robert SwansonRRFebruary 3, 19236'1"170Buffalo, NY US
Harold StewartRR5'10"175
Ernest Spitzer
George SpearsROctober 1, 19185'9"165
Joseph PowersRR6'2"185
Art RebelLLMarch 4, 19145'8"180Cincinnati, OH US
Lamar MurphyLApril 30, 19216'3"180
Leonard MorrisonL5'9"175
Harry MooradianL6'0"175
Anthony MazurekR5'10"160
Miguel LopezRR5'11"165
James KerceRR6'2"175
Glenn AdkinsRRJuly 8, 19185'10"170

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