1973 Tacoma Twins Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 65-79
3rd in the PCL's West Division
Manager: Kerby Farrell (65-79)
Affiliation: Minnesota Twins
Location: Tacoma, Washington
Ballpark: Cheney Stadium
Attendance: 182,553, Avg. 2,535
1973 Tacoma Twins Statistics

The Tacoma Twins of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1973 season with a record of 65 wins and 79 losses, third in the league's West Division.

The Twins plated 698 runs and conceded 757 runs. Craig Kusick paced Tacoma with 27 home runs, while Jim Nettles, Tom Kelly, Rick Renick and Charlie Manuel each walloped 20 or more also. Craig Kusick drove in 104 runs and topped hitters with significant playing time with a .305 average. Bill Campbell and Danny Fife led the squad with 10 wins each, and Bill Campbell recorded a 3.65 ERA, leading regular hurlers.

Members of the 1973 Tacoma Twins who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were John Matias, Charlie Manuel, Bob O'Brien, Tom Norton, Jim Nettles, Steve Luebber, Mike McCormick, Eric Soderholm, Rick Renick, Craig Kusick, Tom Kelly, Jim Hughes, Bucky Guth, Mike Ferraro, Danny Fife, Bob Gebhard, Bill Campbell, Glenn Borgmann, Vic Albury, Mark Wiley and Jim Strickland.

Kerby Farrell served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Vic AlburyLLMay 12, 19476'0"190Key West, FL US
Mike McCormickLLSeptember 29, 19386'2"195Pasadena, CA US
Edward McMahonRR6'0"165
Ralph NasifRRJanuary 15, 19496'0"175Arlington, MA US
Jim NettlesLLMarch 2, 19476'0"186San Diego, CA US
Tom NortonRRApril 26, 19506'1"200Elyria, OH US
Bob O'BrienLLApril 23, 19495'10"170Pittsburgh, PA US
Rick RenickRRMarch 16, 19446'0"188London, OH US
Barry RoderickLRApril 30, 19495'11"165Lewiston, ME US
Eric SoderholmRRSeptember 24, 19485'11"187Cortland, NY US
Gail StoneRRSeptember 6, 19506'3"200
Bob StormRRDecember 10, 19486'3"175South Bend, IN US
Jim StricklandLLJune 12, 19466'0"175Los Angeles, CA US
Jim VanWyckRRAugust 6, 19485'9"165Richland, WA US
Dan VosslerSROctober 10, 19486'6"220Porterville, CA US
John MatiasLLAugust 15, 19445'11"170Honolulu, HI US
Charlie ManuelLRJanuary 4, 19446'4"195Northfork, WV US
Glenn BorgmannRRMay 25, 19506'4"210Paterson, NJ US
Mike BrooksRRMay 6, 19505'10"160Los Angeles, CA US
Bill CampbellRRAugust 9, 19486'3"185Highland Park, MI US
Glenn EzellRROctober 29, 19446'1"190Kentwood, LA US
Mike FerraroRRAugust 18, 19445'11"175Kingston, NY US
Danny FifeRROctober 5, 19496'3"175Harrisburg, IL US
Bob GebhardRRJanuary 3, 19436'2"210Lamberton, MN US
Ken GillRRJanuary 26, 19475'11"185DeLand, FL US
Bucky GuthRRAugust 18, 19476'1"180Baltimore, MD US
Jim HoppeRRMarch 17, 19466'1"185Watertown, WI US
Jim HughesRRAugust 11, 19516'3"190Los Angeles, CA US
Tom KellyLLAugust 15, 19505'11"188Graceville, MN US
Craig KusickRRSeptember 30, 19486'3"210Milwaukee, WI US
Steve LuebberRRJuly 9, 19496'3"185Clinton, MO US
Mark WileyRRFebruary 28, 19486'1"200National City, CA US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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