1883 Trenton Trentonians Roster

Inter-State Association (ISA) - Independent
Team Record: 34-36
4th in the ISA
Manager: Albert Douvess (0-0), Joe Simmons (0-0)
Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Ballpark: Trenton Base Ball Grounds
Attendance: 29,910, Avg. 855
1883 Trenton Trentonians Statistics

The Trenton Trentonians of the Inter-State Association ended the 1883 season with a record of 34 wins and 36 losses fourth in the ISA. Albert Douvess and Joe Simmons served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
William Avery
Jim HoldsworthRRJuly 14, 18506'0"195New York, NY US
Tom LynchLRApril 3, 18605'10"170Bennington, VT US
Jimmie McGurk
Tom O'BrienRRJune 22, 18606'1"185Salem, MA US
Marshall Quinton5'11"190Philadelphia, PA US
Harry Richardson
William Rittenhouse
John Shetzline5'11"190Philadelphia, PA US
Leo SmithRMay 13, 18595'6"142Brooklyn, NY US
Harry SpenceFebruary 22, 1853New York, NY US
John ValentineNovember 21, 1855Brooklyn, NY US
Bill HigginsRDecember 4, 18595'9"155Camden, DE US
Charlie BastianRRMarch 2, 18585'6"145Philadelphia, PA US
Ed BeecherLLJuly 2, 18595'10"185Guilford, CT US
Nick Bradley
William Burke
William CoonMarch 21, 1855Philadelphia, PA US
Dan CroninApril 1, 18575'8"170Boston, MA US
Stewart Denham
Tommy Douvess
John DwyerLisbon, IL US
Frank Fox
Jake GoodmanSeptember 14, 18536'1"Lancaster, PA US
John Green
John HarkinsRRApril 12, 18596'1"205New Brunswick, NJ US
J. R. Heath
Wash Williams5'11"180Philadelphia, PA US

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