1952 Tyler East Texans Roster

Big State League (BSL) - Class: B
Team Record: 84-63
2nd in the BSL
Manager: Billy Capps (84-63)
Location: Tyler, Texas
Ballpark: East Texan Park
Attendance: 73,337, Avg. 998
1952 Tyler East Texans Statistics

Playoffs - Tyler East Texans 4 games, Texarkana Bears 2
Finals - Tyler East Texans 4 games, Austin Pioneers 0

The Tyler East Texans of the Big State League ended the 1952 season with a record of 84 wins and 63 losses, second in the BSL.

Billy Capps served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Robert AkenheadSLAugust 14, 19275'8"185
Jeral Landrum
Phillip Little
Jack LoumanRMarch 31, 19235'10"180Spokane, WA US
Red MurffRRApril 1, 19216'3"195Burlington, TX US
Stan PeckLL6'0"195
Gale PringleRRJanuary 20, 19226'2"180Hollis, OK US
Jerry PufferNovember 28, 1928
Hugh RadcliffeRRNovember 27, 19286'1"185Fort Valley, GA US
Hank RobinsonRRMarch 27, 19236'1"205Covington, TN US
Wilfredo RocaLL6'2"200
Andy SierraLLJanuary 28, 19166'3"210Bay St. Louis, MS US
Armin SomonteLL5'7"138
Dean StaffordRRDecember 8, 19216'1"205
John StoneRMay 18, 19185'9"165
Moose VucelichLNovember 3, 19226'0"190Dilles Bottom, OH US
Harold WarrenRR6'1"185
Robert WhiteR6'7"230
Stan KarpinskiRRMay 19, 19246'2"210
William Halstead
William BagwellRR6'1"185
Edward BeachLL6'4"180
Lowell BlackRR6'0"180St. Louis, MO US
Edward BowlesRR6'0"175
Lawrence BucynskiRRApril 23, 19215'8"175
Joe CalderonJuly 22, 1928192
Joseph CampbellR5'11"175
Nelson Campver
Billy CappsRRFebruary 27, 19195'11"170Lawton, OK US
Jack CardeyRRAugust 30, 19226'0"190
Irving CarlsonRRDecember 1, 19275'10"175
Garry ClarkRRAugust 14, 19275'11"168Highland Park, MI US
Harold Dark
Ted DeanRRJanuary 25, 19306'0"175Los Angeles, CA US
Hal EppsLLMarch 26, 19146'0"175Athens, GA US
Rafael FernandezRR6'1"183
Bert Garcia
Rafael Zavalla

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