1949 Vallejo Chiefs Roster

Far West League (FWL) - Class: D
Team Record: 34-58
in the FWL
Manager: Lou Vezilich (34-58)
Location: Vallejo, California
Ballpark: A.F. of L. Park
Attendance: 5,999, Avg. 130
1949 Vallejo Chiefs Statistics

The Vallejo Chiefs of the Far West League ended the 1949 season with a record of 34 wins and 58 lossesVallejo disbanded July 31.

Lou Vezilich served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Samuel BallL5'11"145
Tony BarnettRRMay 18, 19305'9"150Reading, KS US
Aldo Benducci
Albert Benedix
Mike BerrySR5'11"181
Ed BiggsNovember 29, 1930
Rudolph BiondiRR6'0"185
Bill Branson
Glen CarterRRDecember 27, 19285'11"175
Lewis CookR5'11"150
Lenny Damilowski
Vincent DiMaggioRR5'10"185
Fred DitterMay 3, 1929192Oregon City, OR US
Manny FierroRRFebruary 19, 19315'10"180Jasmine, CA US
Tom HafeyRRJuly 12, 19136'1"180Berkeley, CA US
Alfred HardingLL5'11"160
Larry HemmelRRJanuary 19, 19306'2"197
James HughesLRApril 27, 19296'3"200Oroville, CA US
Richard Johnson
George Lagorio
Owen MaguireRRJune 22, 19286'1"185San Francisco, CA US
Jimmie Miller
Nick MutiRRJuly 27, 19255'10"160Fresno, CA US
Robert Ortiz
Fred ParkerRR6'3"197
Dick PiedmonteRRJanuary 4, 19286'1"175
Robert Plouff
Joseph RajeskiJanuary 14, 1926192
David Rivera
Louis Rodriguez
Joseph RussoR6'2"185
William Salisbury
Creighton Sanders
Charles SmithR5'10"170
Larry Soroky
George SurprenantRRAugust 19, 19276'0"175Oakland, CA US
George Tamblyn
Hubert Thomas
George TriandosRRDecember 17, 19276'3"220San Francisco, CA US
Robert Valenti
Lou VezilichRMay 30, 19126'2"185Oakland, CA US
Robert Zimmerman

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