1987 Visalia Oaks Roster

California League (CL) - Class: A
Team Record: 68-74
Finished 5th in the CL's South Division
Manager: Dan Schmitz (68-74)
Affiliation: Minnesota Twins
Location: Visalia, California
Ballpark: Recreation Park
Attendance: 60,818, Avg. 857
1987 Visalia Oaks Statistics

The Visalia Oaks of the California League ended the 1987 season with a record of 68 wins and 74 losses, finishing fifth in the league's South Division.

The Oaks scored 680 runs and gave up 619 runs. John Eccles led Visalia with 19 home runs Chris Calvert drove in 68 runs and topped all regular batters with a .290 average. Larry Casian paced the squad with 10 wins, while Park Pittman recorded a 3.29 ERA, best among qualifying pitchers.

Players from the 1987 Visalia Oaks who spent time in Major League Baseball during their careers included Mark Guthrie, Jeff Bronkey, Larry Casian and Shawn Gilbert.

Dan Schmitz served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Joey AragonRRMarch 19, 19625'8"165
Larry BlackwellRROctober 7, 19645'10"165
Dave BlakleyRSeptember 4, 19636'2"205
Gary BorgLLJanuary 21, 19636'1"190
Jeff BronkeyRRSeptember 18, 19656'3"215Kabul, AF
Chris CalvertRRSeptember 6, 19626'0"175
Ernie CarrascoRRDecember 31, 19616'1"212Oxnard, CA US
Larry CasianRLOctober 28, 19656'0"170Lynwood, CA US
Tim CotaROctober 14, 19646'2"215
Kenny DavisLLAugust 22, 19645'8"160
John EcclesRRJuly 27, 19646'0"204Garden Grove, CA US
Troy GallowayLOctober 28, 19636'6"210
Shawn GilbertRRMarch 12, 19655'9"170Camden, NJ US
Ike GoldsteinLRMarch 25, 19655'11"185
Mark GuthrieRLSeptember 22, 19656'4"192Buffalo, NY US
Dana HeinleRRAugust 12, 19636'5"200
Dave JacasRRSeptember 8, 19646'1"178Brooklyn, NY US
Clarke LangeRRJanuary 21, 19636'0"190Oamha, NE US
Marty LanouxLRApril 27, 19645'9"170Gainesville, FL US
Bob LeeRSeptember 12, 19646'3"195
Glenn MeyersRRSeptember 20, 19636'1"205
Kenny MorganLLApril 10, 19646'0"170Charlotte, NC US
Pete MuellerLLOctober 21, 19616'4"210West New York, NJ US
Tim O'ConnorLJune 20, 19645'11"175
Jeff PerryRRAugust 5, 19626'4"202Santa Monica, CA US
Park PittmanRAugust 5, 19656'0"175
John PustRR5'10"180
Mike ReddingRJanuary 29, 19656'2"180Tampa, FL US
A. J. RichardsonLRDecember 27, 19646'3"185
Steve ScanlonRRSeptember 14, 19646'3"200
Tim SenneSRAugust 16, 19626'0"175
Bob StrubeLNovember 25, 19646'6"200
Kurt WalkerRSeptember 27, 19605'11"170
Jamie WilliamsRROctober 12, 19606'0"165La Romana, La Romana DO
Jimmy WilliamsLLMay 18, 19656'7"232Butler, AL US
Eddie YanesRROctober 22, 19646'0"180
Joey ZellnerRRMarch 3, 19645'9"180

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