1960 Victoria Rosebuds Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 77-69
4th in the TL
Manager: Johnny Pesky (77-69)
Affiliation: Detroit Tigers
Location: Victoria, Texas
Ballpark: Toros Stadium:
Attendance: 69,760, Avg. 956
1960 Victoria Rosebuds Statistics

Playoffs - Victoria Rosebuds 3 games, Rio Grande Valley Giants 0
Finals - Tulsa Oilers 3 games, Victoria Rosebuds 0

The Victoria Rosebuds of the Texas League ended the 1960 season with a record of 77 wins and 69 losses, fourth in the TL.

The Rosebuds plated 757 runs and surrendered 624 runs. Jim Fridley and Don Miles paced Victoria with 26 home runs apiece., while Kal Segrist and Marvin Williams walloped 20 or more, too. Kal Segrist drove in 93 runs and topped all regular batters by connecting at a .325 clip. Jim Proctor led the team with 15 wins, and Jim Raugh earned a 3.33 ERA, leading qualifying pitchers.

Members of the 1960 Victoria Rosebuds who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Jim Brady, Chuck Daniel, Jerry Davie, Jim Fridley, Bill Graham, Joe Grzenda, Bob Humphreys, Frank Kostro, Don Miles, Manny Montejo, Jim Proctor and Kal Segrist.

Johnny Pesky served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Wade ArnoldLRFebruary 27, 19365'9"178
Lamar NorthRRMay 20, 19296'1"180
William ParsonsLR6'1"180
Alfred PaschalRROctober 30, 19346'0"165
Juan PiedraLLSeptember 8, 19385'11"172Marianao, CU
George PlayerRRAugust 1, 19346'0"180
Jim ProctorRRSeptember 9, 19356'0"165Brandywine, MD US
Jim RaughRRSeptember 22, 19346'1"185Cleveland, OH US
David ReedLRJuly 30, 19366'0"180
James RiceRRSeptember 25, 19335'10"160
Pablo RiveraRR5'10"165
Kal SegristRRApril 14, 19316'0"180Greenville, TX US
Frankie ShellSRJuly 6, 19335'11"175Sage, AR US
Dick SmallwoodSL5'11"175
Fern SmathersRRMarch 16, 19345'11"185
James SprankleRRJuly 22, 19356'1"190Lafayette, IN US
Manny MontejoRROctober 16, 19355'11"150Caibarien, CU
Don MilesLLMarch 13, 19366'1"210Indianapolis, IN US
George McCueLL5'10"160
Jim BradyLLMarch 2, 19366'2"185Jersey City, NJ US
David BrownRRJuly 29, 19386'0"185
Jack CaroRRFebruary 2, 19316'1"174Pensacola, FL US
Harvey CohenRRMarch 5, 19346'3"210
Jay CookeLLMay 6, 19376'1"195
Chuck DanielRRSeptember 17, 19336'2"195Bluffton, AR US
Jerry DavieRRFebruary 10, 19336'0"180Detroit, MI US
Manuel DiazRRDecember 12, 19345'11"180
Jim FridleyRRSeptember 6, 19246'2"205Phillippi, WV US
Bill GrahamRRJanuary 21, 19376'3"217Flemingsburg, KY US
Joe GrzendaRLJune 8, 19376'2"180Scranton, PA US
Andres GutierrezRR
Bob HumphreysRRAugust 18, 19355'11"165Covington, VA US
Frank KostroRRAugust 4, 19376'2"190Windber, PA US
Butch McCordLLNovember 2, 19255'10"175Nashville, TN US
Marvin WilliamsRRFebruary 12, 19206'0"190Houston, TX US

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