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1977 West Palm Beach Expos Roster

Florida State League (FSL) - Class: A
Team Record: 77-55
Finished 1st in the FSL's South Division
Manager: Felipe Alou (77-55)
Affiliation: Montreal Expos
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Ballpark: Municipal Stadium
Attendance: 118,306, Avg. 1,793
1977 West Palm Beach Expos Statistics

Playoffs - St. Petersburg Cardinals 2 games, West Palm Beach Expos 1

The West Palm Beach Expos of the Florida State League ended the 1977 season with a record of 77 wins and 55 losses, finishing first in the league's South Division.

The Expos scored 643 runs, best in the league. West Palm Beach conceded 547 runs. John Scoras led the squad with 19 home runs and drove in 86 runs. Clay Westlake paced all regular batters with a .294 average, while Michael Brooks topped the squad with 12 wins, and David Palmer recorded a 2.87 ERA, best among qualifying pitchers.

Joe Pettini, Scott Sanderson, Bobby Ramos, Steve Ratzer, David Palmer, Rick Engle, Tom Carroll, Bob James and Bill Gullickson were all players from the 1977 West Palm Beach Expos who played in the Major Leagues during their careers.

Felipe Alou served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Michael BrooksLLJune 12, 19545'11"185Mound Bayou, MS US
Tom CarrollLRNovember 5, 19526'3"190Oriskany, NY US
Rick EngleRLApril 7, 19575'11"181Corbin, KY US
Godfrey EvansRRJanuary 30, 19566'3"176Compton, CA US
Mark EwellRRNovember 24, 19536'5"210
Eddie GatesRRNovember 20, 19546'1"185Mobile, AL US
Pedro GavillanRRDecember 16, 19585'11"185New York, NY US
Bob GerdesRRJanuary 5, 19546'4"190Cincinnati, OH US
Larry GoldetskyRRApril 14, 19565'10"165St. Paul, MN US
Doyle GreenRR6'1"170
Dave GronlundRRAugust 3, 19546'2"190, MN US
Bill GullicksonRRFebruary 20, 19596'3"200Marshall, MN US
Don HannaRR6'1"
LaMart HarrisSROctober 10, 19556'1"183Austin, TX US
Warren HemmLLJuly 7, 19546'4"205, IL US
Larry HornRRNovember 24, 19566'1"200Dallas, TX US
Bob JamesRRAugust 15, 19586'4"215Glendale, CA US
Richard LindellRR6'0"190
Dale McMullenRRNovember 1, 19566'3"200Houston, TX US
Art MilesLRSeptember 5, 19566'2"170Austin, TX US
David PalmerRRAugust 19, 19576'1"195Glens Falls, NY US
Julio PerezSRSeptember 17, 19585'11"155New York, NY US
Joe PettiniRRJanuary 26, 19555'9"165Wheeling, WV US
Bobby RamosRRNovember 5, 19555'11"190Calabazar de Sagua, CU
Steve RatzerRRSeptember 9, 19536'1"192Paterson, NJ US
Carlton RobertsRLJune 20, 19586'1"180Lompoc, CA US
Kevin RuppLRNovember 29, 19556'2"180Baytown, TX US
Scott SandersonRRJuly 22, 19566'5"195Dearborn, MI US
John ScorasRRMarch 8, 19546'2"205Long Branch, NJ US
Dennis SherowRRJanuary 4, 19556'5"195, CA US
Doug SimunicRRJanuary 17, 19566'0"185Mount Clemens, MI US
Mike SullivanRRJune 5, 19586'6"205Cincinnati, OH US
Robert TeneniniRRFebruary 28, 19566'5"210Syracuse, NY US
Johnnie WalkerRRMay 7, 19585'11"160Sacramento, CA US
Bill WelshRRAugust 1, 19566'0"175Trenton, NJ US
Clay WestlakeLRAugust 18, 19546'3"210, CA US
William WoodRR6'1"180

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