1985 West Palm Beach Expos Roster

Florida State League (FSL) - Class: A
Team Record: 74-66
2nd in the FSL's South Division
Manager: J. R. Miner (74-66)
Affiliation: Montreal Expos
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Ballpark: Municipal Stadium
Attendance: 114,659, Avg. 1,638
1985 West Palm Beach Expos Statistics

The West Palm Beach Expos of the Florida State League ended the 1985 season with a record of 74 wins and 66 losses, second in the league's South Division.

The Expos scored 591 runs and conceded 588 runs. Pete Camelo led West Palm Beach with 15 home runs Jack Daugherty accounted for 87 RBI and topped hitters with significant playing time with a .316 average. Cliff Young paced the team with 15 wins, while Thomas Traen recorded a 2.49 ERA, best among regularly-used pitchers.

Members of the 1985 West Palm Beach Expos who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Norm Charlton, Jack Daugherty, Jeff Fischer, Mark Gardner, Brian Holman, Gary Lucas, Johnny Paredes, John Trautwein, Gary Wayne and Cliff Young.

J. R. Miner served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Ben AbnerRRMay 14, 19636'0"175
Joe ImpagliazzoRApril 30, 19606'0"175
Wayne JohnsonLMay 5, 19636'6"210
Glenn KinnsRROctober 14, 19606'2"190Schnectady, NY US
Gary LucasLLNovember 8, 19546'5"200Riverside, CA US
Bill MannLROctober 11, 19616'0"196
Troy McKayR6'2"180
Steven MoranR5'9"180
Johnny ParedesRRSeptember 2, 19625'11"165Maracaibo, Zulia VE
Daniel RatliffR6'1"185
Scott RazianoRRSeptember 12, 19625'10"180
Ignacio RodriguezRR6'4"176
Timothy ThiessenRR6'2"179
Thomas TraenSLFebruary 25, 19616'2"175
John TrautweinRRAugust 7, 19626'3"205Lafayette Hills, PA US
Bob ValliantSLMay 31, 19626'3"170San Diego, CA US
Gary WayneLLNovember 30, 19626'3"185Dearborn, MI US
Gary WeinbergerLL5'10"170
Lee HutsonRRJuly 2, 19626'3"202
Brian HolmanRRJanuary 25, 19656'4"185Denver, CO US
Ralph AntoneRRFebruary 4, 19606'2"200
Kent BachmanRR6'0"180
Tim BarkerRRMay 7, 19635'10"175
JC BatistaSRJanuary 4, 19655'10"155
Kurt BrauckmillerRMarch 26, 19636'2"180
Bob CaffreyRRJanuary 7, 19626'1"185
Pete CameloLLNovember 30, 19595'10"190Saranac Lake, NY US
Jim CecchiniRRMay 23, 19606'1"200
Norm CharltonSLJanuary 6, 19636'3"195Fort Polk, LA US
Robbie CobbLRMarch 7, 19616'0"180
Bill CutshallLRMarch 12, 19636'3"205
Jack DaughertySLJuly 3, 19606'0"188Hialeah, FL US
Mike DayLRSeptember 6, 19635'11"200
Eddie DixonRRApril 16, 19646'3"195Dothan, AL US
Fritz FedorRDecember 26, 19615'11"175
Jeff FischerRRAugust 17, 19636'3"185West Palm Beach, FL US
Mark GardnerRRMarch 1, 19626'1"190Los Angeles, CA US
Cliff YoungLLAugust 2, 19646'4"200Willis, TX US

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