1949 West Palm Beach Indians Roster

Florida International League (FIL) - Class: B
Team Record: 74-78
5th in the FIL
Manager: Lou Finney (74-78)
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Ballpark: Connie Mack Field
Attendance: 81,132, Avg. 1,068
1949 West Palm Beach Indians Statistics

The West Palm Beach Indians of the Florida International League ended the 1949 season with a record of 74 wins and 78 losses, fifth in the FIL.

Lou Finney served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bruno ZelaskoR5'9"165
Ned HarrisLLJuly 9, 19165'11"175Ames, IA US
Herman GilreathRR6'1"180
Michael GastRR5'11"185
Lyle GarrisonRR6'0"190
Robert FultonL5'11"195
Lou FinneyLRAugust 13, 19106'0"180Buffalo, AL US
Antonio EstrellaRR5'11"170
Roland Crabbe
Truman ConnellR6'2"190
George CaveRR6'3"185
Marvin CargillR5'8"170
Ted BrowningRRMarch 17, 19285'8"165
Anso Belardinelli
John BargerRR6'2"185
Philip AngelevskiR6'1"190
Stan AndrewsRRApril 17, 19175'11"178Lynn, MA US
Dick HildrethRRMay 10, 19245'9"160
Art KuehlLLNovember 20, 19206'0"185Riesel, TX US
Ellsworth WrennRSeptember 29, 19135'10"175, VA US
John VernilloR5'10"174
Paul StephensRRDecember 24, 19245'10"160
Jim SoltRRDecember 29, 19285'11"185Fort Eustis, VA US
Roy SinquefieldLRJanuary 22, 19255'9"165Coffee County, AL US
Hal SchackerRRApril 6, 19256'0"190Brooklyn, NY US
William RevelsRR6'1"170
William RautzhanL6'0"170
Charles QuimbyRRJanuary 31, 19176'0"180
William Patterson
Mickey O'BrienR6'0"180
Joe MurrayLLNovember 11, 19206'0"165Wilkes-Barre, PA US
John McFaddenRR5'10"170
Herbert MarshallRMarch 31, 19215'6"165
Donald MarshallR5'8"169
Miguel LastraR5'8"155
Julio AcostaLLAugust 12, 19195'11"200

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