1950 Waco Pirates Roster

Big State League (BSL) - Class: B
Team Record: 72-76
6th in the BSL
Manager: Buddy Hancken (72-76)
Affiliation: Pittsburgh Pirates
Location: Waco, Texas
Ballpark: Katy Park
Attendance: 85,173, Avg. 1,151
1950 Waco Pirates Statistics

The Waco Pirates of the Big State League ended the 1950 season with a record of 72 wins and 76 losses, sixth in the BSL.

The Pirates scored 813 runs and conceded 827 runs.

Players from the 1950 Waco Pirates who spent time in the Majors during their careers included Hal Bevan, Bob Friend, Buddy Hancken, John Powers and Dick Smith.

Buddy Hancken served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Phillip AlottaRRMay 6, 19256'0"180
Buddy HanckenRRAugust 30, 19146'1"175Birmingham, AL US
John HigginsRLAugust 23, 19265'11"185Cranston, RI US
Donald HinchbergerRRApril 26, 19276'0"185Long Beach, CA US
Jodie HowingtonLL6'2"185
Alton McAfeeL6'0"170
Troy MitchellRFebruary 2, 19236'1"195
John MooreR5'10"180
Norman MortonRR6'1"175
John PaszekR6'1"180
John PowersLRJuly 8, 19296'1"185Birmingham, AL US
Blair SimpsonRROctober 31, 19275'11"165Ogden, UT US
Dick SmithRRJuly 21, 19265'8"160Blandburg, PA US
George SopkoR5'8"160
Joseph StelmackRR6'1"190
Richard StingleyR5'11"180
Tom VangelasLL6'0"190
Warren WardRR6'3"180
Sug HainesRDecember 3, 19265'11"165Columbus, OH US
Carl GretleinRR5'10"177
John BaasLL6'0"195
Frederick BarlowRAugust 26, 19285'11"165Trenton, NJ US
Hal BevanRRNovember 15, 19306'2"198New Orleans, LA US
Ronald BooneRRFebruary 11, 19305'10"170Houston, TX US
Harold BreedingRRAugust 10, 19265'9"175
Walter BremerRJanuary 21, 19276'0"185Rockford, IL US
Jack BumgarnerRRSeptember 19, 19266'0"165Norman, OK US
Eugene BussmanRR6'0"170
James CainR6'0"172
Irving CarlsonRRDecember 1, 19275'10"175
Ken ClaryRR5'10"180
Dick DrillingRRJuly 23, 19296'2"185Fonda, IA US
Delton DunnackRApril 29, 19255'11"165Mansfield, CT US
David ElliottRLOctober 31, 19285'10"175St. Bernice, IN US
Bob FriendRRNovember 24, 19306'0"190Lafayette, IN US
Houston GarmanRL6'0"200
Edmund Grecius
Ralph WoolfordRL6'1"165

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