1949 Wilmington Pirates Roster

Tobacco State League (TSL) - Class: D
Team Record: 49-88
Finished 8th in the TSL
Manager: Ab Tiedemann (0-0), Johnie Edens (0-0), Gus Brittain (0-0), Hargrove Davis (0-0), Johnie Edens (0-0)
Location: Wilmington, North Carolina
Ballpark: Legion Stadium
Attendance: 49,009, Avg. 715
1949 Wilmington Pirates Statistics

The Wilmington Pirates of the Tobacco State League ended the 1949 season with a record of 49 wins and 88 losses, finishing eighth in the TSL.

Ab Tiedemann, Johnie Edens, Gus Brittain, Hargrove Davis and Johnie Edens served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Arthur Bosley
Arthur Brickner
Ken BrooksRR6'1"195
Gordon Broseker
Herm BrownRROctober 31, 19296'2"190Gloucester, MA US
John BurnhamR6'1"150
Lewis CheshireLL5'10"197
William CovaheyDecember 6, 1927192
Hargrove DavisR5'11"185
William DornbuschR5'10"168
Johnie EdensRJuly 13, 19215'11"196Wilmington, NC US
Justin FortunaRApril 2, 19285'11"180
Duncan FutrelleLFebruary 12, 19296'0"170
Gordon GloseJune 17, 1930193
Wayne Herrick
Ben Hester
Carlton HoltRR
James HudsonR5'10"170
Irving JacobsonR5'8"170
Benedict LaMantia
Donald Lowensten
George McBaneRRSeptember 5, 1930193
Frank Merica
George Mueger
Bill NivenJanuary 13, 1928192
Edward OwensL6'3"200
Emile PasterisR5'11"155
Ben Perry
Jim PettitRJune 16, 19295'10"175
Albert Praley
Marion Rogers
James SteckJune 8, 1929192
Bob SteckelRJanuary 2, 19246'0"168
William StolteRR6'0"180
John Thrush
Ab TiedemannRFebruary 5, 19185'11"180
John Trombetta

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