1911 Youngstown Steelmen Roster

Ohio-Pennsylvania League (OOL) - Class: C
Team Record: 82-50
2nd in the OOL
Manager: Bill Phillips (0-0), W. R. Terry (0-0)
Location: Youngstown, Ohio
Ballpark: Wright Park

1911 Youngstown Steelmen Statistics

The Youngstown Steelmen of the Ohio-Pennsylvania League ended the 1911 season with a record of 82 wins and 50 losses, second in the OOL.

Bill Phillips and W. R. Terry served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Red AinsworthAugust 7, 1890189Pittsburgh, PA US
Julius Orris
Joe PhillipsOctober 24, 1882188
Ray RyanLRFebruary 18, 1883St. Martin, OH US
Guy SampleRRJuly 15, 18785'10"174, IN US
Al ScheerLROctober 27, 18885'9"165Groveport, OH US
Everett ScottRRNovember 19, 18925'8"148Bluffton, IN US
Walter Scott
Howie ShanksRRJuly 21, 18905'11"170Chicago, IL US
Thomas Sheehan
John SheesleyMarch 30, 1888Mahaffey, PA US
Skeeter SheltonRRJune 29, 18885'11"175Huntington, WV US
Ralph SimonRR
Harry Symes
Earl MoseleyRRSeptember 7, 18875'9"168Middleburg, OH US
Ed Mackey
Al HumphreyLRFebruary 28, 18865'11"180Ashtabula, OH US
Arthur Bowman
Russell Bush
Harry CamnitzRROctober 26, 18846'1"168McKinney, KY US
Charles ConwayRRApril 28, 18865'11"155Youngstown, OH US
Willis Croft
Clarence FitzwaterL
Eddie GoesJanuary 22, 1881
Cecil GrayLL
Walter Hartwell
George Helmund, OH US
Joe HouserLLJuly 3, 18915'9"160Steubenville, OH US
Hughie TateRRMay 19, 18805'11"190Everett, PA US

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