1955 Georgia State League Standings

Level: D
Season Began: Monday, April 25, 1955
Season Ended: Monday, August 22, 1955

1955 Georgia State League Teams, Rosters and Statistics
1955 Georgia State League Statistical Leaders

1955 Georgia State League Regular Season Standings

Statesboro Pilots2540.3853735058,750
Douglas Trojans6246.57469453432,925Playoff Qualifier
Sandersville Giants5651.52364556731,005Playoff Qualifier
Hazlehurst-Baxley Red Sox5753.51858559510,397Playoff Qualifier
Vidalia Indians5654.50959966224,251Playoff Qualifier
Dublin Irish4961.44557460716,997

Statesboro withdrew July 1.

Playoffs - Douglas Trojans 3 games Vidalia Indians 1
Playoffs - Sandersville Giants 3 games Hazlehurst-Baxley Red Sox 1
Finals - Douglas Trojans 3 games Sandersville Giants 3 - Rain forced postponement of the series. Both were declared co-champions.


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