1899 Indiana-Illinois League Standings

Level: Ind E
Season Began: Saturday, May 6, 1899
Season Ended: Wednesday, September 13, 1899

1899 Indiana-Illinois League Teams, Rosters and Statistics
1899 Indiana-Illinois League Statistical Leaders

1899 Indiana-Illinois League Regular Season Standings

Terre Haute 4961.4450
Bloomington 3432.5150
Crawfordsville 3237.4640
Kokomo21 17.5530
Anderson Browns/Wabash16 37.3020

Anderson was replaced by Wabash at the start of the season, May 8.

Bloomington and Crawfordsville joined the league for the second half, July 1.

Kokomo transferred to Mattoon June 30 at the end of the first half because the ballpark went into receivership due to $125 debt.

Second half standings were disputed between Mattoon, who claimed a 50-22 record, and Danville, hosting a 49-22 mark. President Schimdt, who lived in Danville, ruled in favor of his home town team.


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