1940 Tar Heel League Standings

Level: D
Season Began: Sunday, April 28, 1940
Season Ended: Saturday, August 31, 1940

1940 Tar Heel League Teams, Rosters and Statistics
1940 Tar Heel League Statistical Leaders

1940 Tar Heel League Regular Season Standings

Statesville Owls7337.6640Playoff Qualifier
Gastonia Cardinals6444.5930Playoff Qualifier
Hickory Rebels5452.5090Playoff Qualifier
Lenoir Reds5355.4910Playoff Qualifier
Newton-Conover Twins2745.3750
Shelby Colonels1654.2290

Newton-Conover and Shelby disbanded July 19.

Playoffs - Hickory Rebels 3 games Gastonia Cardinals 0
Playoffs - Statesville Owls 3 games Lenoir Reds 2
Finals - Statesville Owls 4 games Hickory Rebels 1


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