Punch Knoll

Punch Knoll
Born: October 7, 1881
Evansville, IN US
Deceased: February 8, 1960
Evansville, IN US
Coaching Career: 1907-1930

Punch Knoll compiled a record of 1415 wins and 1222 losses in his managing career with the Evansville River Rats, Dayton Veterans, Evansville Evas, Ludington Mariners, Bay City Wolves, Danville Veterans, Quincy Red Birds, Fort Wayne Chiefs and Wilkes-Barre Barons. He began managing during the 1907 season and last managed during the 1930 campaign.


Coaching Record:

Season League Level Team G W L W%
1907CLBEvansville River Rats1386969.500
1908CLBEvansville River Rats1408456.600
1909CLBEvansville River Rats1365878.426
1910CLBDayton Veterans1377463.540
1911CLBDayton Veterans1378651.628
1912CLBDayton Veterans1297356.566
1913CLBEvansville River Rats1406080.429
1914CLBEvansville River Rats1277354.575
1915CLBEvansville River Rats1227250.590
1916CLBEvansville Evas1296366.488
1917CLBEvansville Evas1175661.479
1920CLBLudington Mariners1246262.500
1921MMLBBay City Wolves1186553.551
1922MMLBBay City Wolves1316962.527
1923MMLBBay City Wolves1318051.611
1924MMLBBay City Wolves1368650.632
1925IIILBDanville Veterans1356966.511
1926IIILBDanville Veterans1377265.526
1927IIILBQuincy Red Birds000.000
1928CLBFort Wayne Chiefs1347262.537
1929NYPLBWilkes-Barre Barons000.000
1930CLBFort Wayne Chiefs1397267.518

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