Billy Rourke

William A. Rourke "Pa"
Born: August 7, 1864
Deceased: February 5, 1932
Tampa, FL US
Coaching Career: 1894-1917

Billy Rourke compiled a record of 999 wins and 881 losses in his managing career with the Omaha Omahogs, Cedar Rapids Rabbits, Bloomington Suckers, Birmingham Bluebirds, Omaha Omahogs/St. Joseph Saints, Omaha Indians, Omaha Rangers and Omaha Rourkes. He began managing during the 1894 season and last managed during the 1917 campaign.


Coaching Record:

Season League Level Team G W L W%
1894WAAOmaha Omahogs1256659.528
1895EILIndCedar Rapids Rabbits000.000
1895WISLBBloomington Suckers1293.750
1896SABBirmingham Bluebirds000.000
1898WLAOmaha Omahogs/St. Joseph Saints000.000
1900WLBOmaha Omahogs1045153.490
1901WLAOmaha Omahogs1236162.496
1902WLAOmaha Omahogs1408456.600
1903WLAOmaha Indians1274978.386
1904WLAOmaha Rangers1509060.600
1905WLAOmaha Rourkes1498762.584
1906WLAOmaha Rourkes000.000
1907WLAOmaha Rourkes1478463.571
1908WLAOmaha Rourkes1458659.593
1909WLAOmaha Rourkes000.000
1910WLAOmaha Rourkes1668482.506
1911WLAOmaha Rourkes000.000
1912WLAOmaha Rourkes1639271.564
1913WLAOmaha Rourkes1657986.479
1914WLAOmaha Rourkes1647787.470
1917WLAOmaha Rourkes000.000

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