Jack Dunn

John Joseph Dunn
Born: October 6, 1872
Meadville, PA US
Deceased: October 22, 1928
Towson, MD US
Coaching Career: 1905-1928

Jack Dunn compiled a record of 2107 wins and 1530 losses in his managing career with the Providence Clamdiggers, Providence Grays, Baltimore Orioles and Richmond Climbers. He began managing during the 1905 season and last managed during the 1928 campaign.

Baltimore Orioles
Baltimore Orioles

Coaching Record:

Season League Level Team G W L W%
1905ELAProvidence Clamdiggers1308347.638
1906ELAProvidence Grays1406575.464
1907ELABaltimore Orioles1376869.496
1908ELABaltimore Orioles1408357.593
1909ELABaltimore Orioles1536786.438
1910ELABaltimore Orioles1538370.542
1911ELABaltimore Orioles1539558.621
1912ILAABaltimore Orioles1497475.497
1913ILAABaltimore Orioles1507773.513
1914ILAABaltimore Orioles1497277.483
1915ILAARichmond Climbers1405981.421
1916ILAABaltimore Orioles1407466.529
1917ILAABaltimore Orioles1498861.591
1918ILAABaltimore Orioles1277453.583
1919ILAABaltimore Orioles14910049.671
1920ILAABaltimore Orioles15311043.719
1921ILAABaltimore Orioles16611947.717
1922ILAABaltimore Orioles16711552.689
1923ILAABaltimore Orioles16411153.677
1924ILAABaltimore Orioles16511748.709
1925ILAABaltimore Orioles16610561.633
1926ILAABaltimore Orioles16610165.608
1927ILAABaltimore Orioles1678582.509
1928ILAABaltimore Orioles1648282.500

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